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3 Unique Pool Water Feature Ideas for Your Backyard

Posted Sep 22nd, 2022 in Lawn Care

3 Unique Pool Water Feature Ideas for Your Backyard

In Canada in 2021, more than 19,000 pool permits were tallied by August.

A pool is a great addition to any home, and when you're having one made, you've got a lot of freedom. Depending on your space and budget, there are all kinds of features you can include. However, it can often be hard to decide what you want.

In this guide, we'll go over three pool water feature ideas that can give you some inspiration. Keep reading for more.

1. Natural Rock Waterfall

Waterfalls are among the most popular pool upgrades available. They add beauty to your outdoor space and can be great for cooling off under on a hot day. You can choose from a range of style options, and stone can be a great choice.

It gives a natural feel and can fit in well with the rest of your backyard. When it comes to length and height, you're only limited by the space you have available. This gives you the flexibility to design something that you love.

If you want to add a bit more flare, you could even go for a cascading waterfall. With multiple layers, it will make your pool far more interesting and unique than it was before.

2. Rain Curtain

If you'd like, you can go even further than a waterfall and add a rain curtain. People often place these on walls or pergola roofs, but you could have a specific structure built to include one too.

A rain curtain gives the illusion of natural rain and makes for one of the most aesthetically pleasing water features you can get. They can also be great for splitting up sections of your pool. If you have an attached spa, for example, then a rain curtain between the two can act as a partition that will refresh you every time you go through it.

3. Spillover Spa

One of the most popular pool updates people go for are spas. Some people choose to have these separate from their pool, and some prefer them attached. A good way to connect it to your pool is by incorporating a spillover spa.

These can go at the side of your pool or even in the center. Placed slightly higher, the water can run over the edge into the pool below. This is a great way to bring your pool and spa together so they form a single feature.

Pools are great to relax in, but if you're upgrading your pool, a spa will take this even further. Water jets and bubbles are incredibly soothing, making it an ideal place to spend time with friends or family or just to wind down on your own.

The Best Pool Water Feature Ideas

There are plenty of other pool water feature ideas that you could implement in your outdoor space. When updating your pool, make sure you hire a reliable company that will do a good job.

Scott's Landscaping specializes in creating outdoor spaces that people love. Take a look at our pools and spas page to find out more about our services today.

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