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The Different Type of Spas to Consider for Your Home

Posted Sep 8th, 2021 in Lawn Care

The Different Type of Spas to Consider for Your Home

Did you know that a hot bath soak may save your life? Scientists tracked a group for two decades to study the association between spa bathing and cardiovascular health. After the study, they concluded that regular spa use was associated with lower fatalities from cardiac events.

The results were astounding but not surprising. Ancient civilizations, from Turkey to Japan, have always understood the healing powers of a hot soak.

So if you're ready to gain the benefits of having a home spa but aren't sure where to start, let this article be your guide. Continue reading to learn more about types of spas and how to choose the right one for your home.

Types of Spas

All hot tub styles belong under two umbrella categories of spa; portable and in-ground. Here are popular types of spas and the advantages of each.

Portable Spa

When you think of a portable spa, you probably are picturing something lightweight and easy to move. While this is true of some portable spas, such as an inflatable, most would require a team to accomplish such a move. This is because a portable hot tub just means that it's a stand-alone unit, requiring only disconnection (and possible heavy lifting) to move.

In-Ground Spa

An in-ground hot tub is installed in a prepared cavity in the ground. You can either purchase a pre-made moulded liner or if you're going the custom route, a flexible liner. Of course, both will need to be installed by professionals.

Since these spas require construction and are often further away from your home, it's best to consider adding a spa during the original construction of your pool.

Custom Spa

While all custom spas are in-ground or built-in, not all in-ground spas are custom. With a custom spa, only the bounds of physics and thermodynamics can limit you. You can design anything from a traditional Japanese onsen or a natural hot spring.

Your spa builder will work with you to design the spa you've always wanted but have never seen anywhere else.

Popular Features

Perhaps your spa fantasies include relaxing mood lighting. Or maybe you're looking forward to a muscle-soothing massage. In either case, there's a spa addition to accomplish that. While not all hot tubs can accommodate add-on features, there are ways to customize any spa experience.

Some hot tubs have the option to add underwater lighting and built-in waterproof speakers for the ultimate unwind experience. With lighting, you can create a peaceful atmosphere and ensure you get the most hours out of your hot tub.

How to Choose a Spa

Now that you know more about the types of spas for your home, it's time to choose the perfect one for you. When deciding, you should take your space and how you intend to use the spa into consideration. Then, contact professionals for an expert opinion.

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