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Updating Your Landscape: What to Plant in Summer

Posted Apr 7th, 2022 in Lawn Care

Updating Your Landscape: What to Plant in Summer

Unless you've been living under a sunny rock, you're probably aware that Canada is the coldest habituated country in the world behind Russia.

With so many cold snowy months on the calendar, this leaves garden owners with less time to plant and enjoy their garden.

The advised time to stick in most garden plants is spring, but when life gets hectic, it can be easy to miss out on this planting window.

Worried that you've missed the right period to plant colourful ornamentals or vegetables? Don't stress, there are still some gorgeous species you can put into your beds in summer.

Read on to discover what to plant in summer.


If you're wondering what summer plants to buy for pretty blooms, marigolds are a great place to start.

Marigolds are one of those rare plants that are both incredibly hardy and put forth a showy display of bright blooms. They can really liven up a garden, and are very quick to bloom, making them a rewarding summer garden choice.


Who doesn't love a vibrantly cheerful array of sunflowers? Besides making a stunning show, sunflowers are also an ideal flower species to plant in summer. True to their name, sunflowers are one of the flowering plants that grow in the heat.

Sunflowers also have an unusually long planting window. Unlike a lot of plants that like to be seeded in spring (or even autumn for some varieties so they can overwinter) sunflowers can often grow and flower even if planted late in spring or early summer.

Looking to attract butterflies? Planting sunflowers can bring more of these airborne beauties into your garden.

Another beautiful annual to choose if you're wondering what to plant in summer is zinnias. Although people typically plant zinnias in spring, you can also sow the seeds in summer for a late summer set of blooms.

Depending on conditions, zinnias take roughly 2 months from seed to flower, giving you just enough time to get a nice display of flowers before the cold months hit.

If you want an early flowering, you can also germinate the seeds indoors during early spring and shift the plants outside when the weather gets warmer. If you didn't pre-plan and are worried that summer is too far gone for planting your zinnia seeds, you can also buy seedlings from a nursery or plant center.

Fruit Trees

Are you considering adding some fruit trees to your garden? If so, summer is a great time to get some in the ground. Spring is usually the recommended planting time for fruit trees, but planting in summer is still possible.

However, if you can, try to avoid planting fruit trees that are already blooming or bearing fruit. Planting while the tree is setting fruit can add extra stress at a time when it's sending all its energy towards flower and fruit production.


Has the pandemic food-growing bug bitten you? Reports state that 51% of Canadians grow at least one kind of vegetable at home, and more than 17% started vegetable growing for the first time during the pandemic.

Summer is prime vegetable harvesting time, but there are still a lot of crops you plant out during summer to enjoy a harvest a month or two down the line. For best results, focus on things like leafy greens, tomatoes, beans, and berries.

Now You Know What to Plant in Summer

Although spring is the time when many gardeners plant the majority of their annuals, there are still a lot of things you can plant in summer.

Now that you know what to plant in summer, it's time to get those gardening gloves on. Unless, of course, your garden isn't yet prepped for planting.

Do you still need to design flower beds, prepare vegetable areas, or add compost and mulch?

If your garden is in need of maintenance or redesign, we are the people to call.

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