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Tips for Planting Beautiful Butterfly Gardens

Posted Nov 18th, 2020 in Landscaping Ideas, Backyard Inspiration

Tips for Planting Beautiful Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are a beautiful and productive way to brighten your landscape. With a little knowledge and space, your butterfly garden can bloom to attract an abundant amount of butterflies. Not only that, but you're providing for one of the world's pollinators!

Planting a butterfly garden might sound challenging, but in reality, it's simple and fun, especially when you start to notice all the butterflies flocking to your garden and it adds dimension to your landscape as a whole.

If you're ready to start planning your butterfly garden, here are some tips and tricks you need to know.

1. Butterfly Plants

Before you start digging holes for plants, take some time to research what types of butterfly plants are best for your locale. It's best to take into account your climate and what types of plants will attract butterflies according to your location.

The two types of plants that you'll want to look at are nectar plants and food plants that will feed caterpillars. Nectar plants mean nutrition for butterflies and caterpillar food plants, also called host plants, which means that caterpillars have food to eat if butterflies end up laying eggs.

Be sure to plant flowers that will bloom at all seasons so there's always some colour. This will prevent your garden from looking dry and dead and will keep the butterflies coming back.

If you're unsure which plants would work best for your environment, visit a local nursery or garden center to get some suggestions.

2. Plan

Of course, it's important to plan your garden appropriately! Butterflies love the sun, they love the warmth, because this is how they get their energy. Look on your property for places with high sun and a bit of shade.

The shade is important, too, to protect butterflies from heavy winds or predators.

Plant your butterfly plants close together in clusters so they butterflies can see them from far away.

If you want your butterfly garden to also be for entertainment, plant an array of other wildflowers or plants, placing water features and other forms of shade so the butterflies linger.

3. Keep Bugs Away Safely

While butterflies are insects, other insects might sneak their way into your butterfly garden and disrupt it.

Insecticides and other toxic sprays will discourage butterflies from your garden, so try to stay away from those by looking for natural solutions.

Plant other flowers or plants that are natural insect repellants like mint, lemongrass, or marigolds. Allowing ladybugs to roam in your garden is another option because they eat bugs that feast on insects. Certain essential oils sprayed in your garden may prevent bugs as well.

Before you choose any insect repellant, be sure it's safe for both the butterflies and the plants in your garden. You don't want all your hard work going to waste!

Butterfly Gardens: A Peaceful Place

Butterfly gardens are great for the environment and give your property pop and colour. Where can you start your garden today?

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