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8 Patio Design Ideas for Transforming Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted Sep 1st, 2021 in Lawn Care

8 Patio Design Ideas for Transforming Your Outdoor Living Space

Are you trying to spruce up your backyard? Adding a patio to your space can let you better enjoy your yard and offer more opportunities to host outdoor events with friends and family. A patio can also protect you from the elements when necessary and allow you to still get that fresh air without getting wet, cold, and over-exposed.

The real question is what to do with the space once you've decided to add a patio. With patio design, you need to pick something that suits your needs as well as the parameters of your yard. Luckily there are tons of great options to consider.

1. Going Modern

Having a patio in your backyard doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your architectural design choices. You can add more style to your home with a modern look for both your patio and your landscaping. Think simple, clean lines, available grass space, and a patio that isn't overcrowded.

2. Around the Fire

When you're planning an outdoor patio, some of the most common designs include either a fireplace or fire pit. This adds an area to base your other furniture and design choices and makes your patio enjoyable in all kinds of seasons.

3. Soaking Up Sun

You might expect all patios to be covered, but lately, there have been more design ideas that involve letting you get the most out of a good weather day. Your patio can be a great spot to get some vitamin D and enjoy the outdoors in a more comfortable spot.

4. Keep Cooking

A patio doesn't just have to be a space for sitting under an awning. The benefits of an outdoor patio extend to cooking as well. You can have a patio design that includes a grill or full kitchen set up to allow you to make all those smokier dishes.

An outdoor cooking area is great for entertaining guests. It also lets you try out the more firey and ambitious cooking projects in a safe outdoor environment.

5. Add a Splash of Water

If you want to consider more innovative patio design ideas, consider adding a water feature to your space. This could be a small pond for fish or even a stream running through your property, that can be enjoyed from a patio. It's a great way to add more of the outdoors into your backyard.

6. Poolside Patio

If you already have a pool waiting to be enjoyed, the benefits of an outdoor patio only increase. You can add a pergola to your backyard to enjoy the pool in or out of the sun, and offer a great lounging area when you need a break.

7. Level Up

If you want to have an outdoor patio with several aspects, like a water feature and a cooking area, you might consider adding levels to your patio. This might also be a good choice when it comes to the patio installation if you have any slopes in your yard that can remain more untouched.

8. Part of the Garden

If your main backyard feature is your garden, you can highlight that by adding a patio to better enjoy the space. Adding a path to the patio that works with the garden can give your backyard an even more magical and enchanting atmosphere.

The Perfect Patio Design

The best patio design for you will depend on what you want to use it for. If you want to entertain people by cooking outside, enjoy a space by the pool, or focus on your backyard landscaping, you can find the right patio for you.

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