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How to Create an Alluring Outdoor Space Through Walkway Design

Posted Mar 17th, 2021

How to Create an Alluring Outdoor Space Through Walkway Design

When springtime rolls around do you want to have an outdoor space that makes you and your neighbours smile?

One of the first things that people see when they see your home is your walkway. It's part of your overall curb appeal. Is yours "dressed to impress"?

Whether you want a walkway to your front door or you're more interested in one that winds around the back, we want to help you get the walkway design that you're looking for.

Keep reading for a few of our favourite walkway ideas so you can get inspired.

Wind Back Through a Secret Garden

Walkways don't have to go to the front door if you don't want them to. Why not send your guests around the back through a whimsical looking garden?

Set up an archway or a wisteria trellis over the entrance to your backyard and send your path through. You can choose what kind of garden you like, but we love the natural look of a native garden.

These gardens are also good for the environment.

A well-landscaped side garden that leads your guests to your backyard gives your home a nature-friendly feel. Most people don't take advantage of the sides of their home, but you can.

Include Water Features

Sometimes people place water features in the middle of their lawns, and they can look a bit out of place. Why not include yours along the side of your walkway? Better yet, why not tuck it into that secret garden that we mentioned?

Small water features include things like birdbaths, koi ponds, and waterfall features that add great character to your outdoor space.

Going Rustic? Try a Wood Path

If you want to go "off the beaten path", try a path that's unique to you. While most people opt for gravel, wood is a great look. It creates the appearance of a bridge or natural path; it just works.

The spaces between the wood slats allow for small plants to grow and wind through, increasing the natural and whimsical appearance.

More Unique? Try Tumbled Glass

Glass walkways probably don't sound ideal, but in reality, they're a fun and unique way to add style to your home.

Walkways made of tumbled glass are safe. The glass feels like sea glass; it's smooth to the touch like walkway stones. This glass comes in all different colours, so you could give the appearance of a moat, or add some of your favourite colours like orange or red.

Light It Up

Lighting makes your walkway safer and more visible at night. Installing small lights on the ground will makes your walkway pop and provide a great entrance to your home or any backyard parties.

Whether your guests are headed to the door or your backyard pool, they're going to love your lit path.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Walkway Design?

If your walkway feels a bit drab it might be time to give your walkway design a refresher. Impress your friends and make a space that you love!

If you want professional help with your outdoor space, we've got you covered. Contact us so we can have a chat about your landscape design and build you a space that you love.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, would like to discuss your potential project, or desire an estimate. Start now to plan for the 2024 Spring Season!


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