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3 Important Benefits of Pruning Shrubs and Trees

Posted Jul 28th, 2020 in Lawn Care

3 Important Benefits of Pruning Shrubs and Trees

For some people, pruning shrubs is like trimming their own bangs: you take a little off this side, a little off the other side, try to even the first side out...and the next thing you know there's barely anything left!

Pruning can be an intimidating job. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore your shrubs.

There are several reasons why pruning is actually good for them. Let's take a closer look at three of them!

Help the Health of Plants and Shrubs

All plants and shrubs, over time, will develop dead or dying branches, leaves, stubs, and flowers. By pruning them you are helping to keep the entire plant healthy. It will also help promote new growth.

Part of keeping your shrub vibrant and healthy is maintaining its natural shape and trimming it back every once in a while. This will also encourage the production of healthy flowers and fruit. If there is too much energy going to the growth of woody limbs or stems, the flowers and fruit won't be able to thrive.

Another reason to keep pruning shrubs is that it will deter animals and pests from infesting or otherwise destroying the plant. How? Well, with an overgrown hedge or tree, there are plenty of places for critters to hide and nest.

Pruning Shrubs Preserves Their Aesthetics

You have no doubt seen neighbors' lawns that are filled with overgrown, unattractive shrubs, and plants. That out-of-control growth is the result of neglect. When you prune the shrubs, trees, and hedges on your property, the plants' natural shape is maintained.

That means a more beautiful plant and a more beautiful yard for you and your family to enjoy. The landscape that you planned and planted will be preserved. Controlling the shape and size of the shrubs means that your home's curb appeal will shine, as well.

The Safety of Your Family and Property

However, aesthetics aren't the only reason a nicely pruned shrub will benefit your family. Think about what happens after a storm if you have not pruned. Branches, limbs, leaves, and other debris are strewn about your yard.

If the plants and trees are large enough, they can fall onto driveways (and cars!)as well as children's playsets and sandboxes, sidewalks, and other outdoor living areas. That's not only dangerous but a big hassle too. If you have ever had a large tree branch, or even the relatively smaller branches of shrubs or bushes, fall onto your property, you know what we mean.

In addition, remember those pests we talked about earlier? Giving them a comfortable habitat in your un-pruned shrubs and hedges is like inviting them to stick around. From there, it's only a short jump to living in your home itself, where they can do untold damage!

The Benefits Are Clear

The benefits of pruning shrubs are pretty clear. It makes your property look nicer, it helps the shrubs themselves stay healthy and hardy, and it protects your family! You really don't need any more reasons than that.

However, if you need some help getting your landscaping taken care of, give us a call! We offer full-service lawn and landscaping maintenance to help your property look its best.

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