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Outdoor Seating Ideas That You Won't Leave Your Yard For

Posted Sep 10th, 2019

Outdoor Seating Ideas That You Won't Leave Your Yard For

With families spending an average of just 34 minutes together each day, it's important to set the scene for being able to enjoy each other's company. Outdoor seating is one of the best ways to ensure that you get to spend quality time together in a setting that feels intimate.

The right outdoor seating design with the event can bring a family together in a way they might have forgotten how to do otherwise.

Here are four ideas that you need to consider for your family.

1. Try Hanging Seats

There are a number of different ways to create a unique hanging style seat that works best outdoors. From standard traditional hammocks to swing seats, there's a wide variety that depends on your setup.

If you don't have a large tree, more bubble chairs and cocoon seats are being made with their own stands than ever before. Choose the material that suits your design sense and style, since there are so many options available today for every taste.

2. Make A Garden Seat

If you have the space and the climate for it, making a garden seat that's purposely arranged around flowers or vegetables can be calming.

Some people opt for building an arch around the area to create a canopy of blooms. This creates shade on hotter days and makes for a small bit of privacy for reading or lounging with a loved one.

Color is going to have the biggest impact here. While simple ivy will grow all around your arch with very little effort, adding some soft pink flowers makes space feel warmer and romantic.

3. Try Natural Materials

If you have access to a woodshop and some reclaimed materials, you'll find affordability and durability rolled into one. Naturally sourced materials can be combined to make it easy for groups to sit around together.

Add a small firepit and you've got a space that's great to relax in no matter the weather.

Natural materials lend to adding more used or vintage lanterns. Make it a space that is useful any time, day or night, and you'll be able to host all kinds of events all year round.

4. Corners Are Clever Design

One of the most important outdoor seating concepts to consider is the communal aspect. When people are sitting outside together, they're often enjoying a drink, watching kids play together, or having a family reunion. Making use of a corner allows you to nestle everyone into a space while making use of the rest of your yard easily.

Allow plenty of depth here so that people can sit up cross-legged and lean back. Consider some nicely scented plants to give the space an extra bit of relaxation. Lavender or rosemary bring an earthiness that most family members will find inviting.

Outdoor Seating is a Huge Attraction

You don't have to spend a lot of money or throw huge parties to attract friends and family to your outdoor seating. With the right design, you'll ensure that everyone is clamoring to spend time in your setup.

For a few more inspiring ideas, check out our guide here.

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