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5 Landscape Ideas for Water Features

Posted Aug 27th, 2019

5 Landscape Ideas for Water Features

Have you ever wondered why spas always have a waterfall or fountain incorporated into their design? Or why you always feel at ease at the beach?

It isn't just the anticipation of a massage or a cooling dip in the ocean. Being near water and hearing it flowing actually makes you more relaxed and even places you in a natural state of meditation.

So, why not add more water to your home to feel this way all the time?

Use these top 5 water feature ideas in your next landscape renovation.

1. Asian-style Garden Pond

Use these backyard water feature ideas if you have a lot of space and privacy. Most Asian gardens use a white surrounding wall for privacy and keep parts of the area hidden until you walk through it.

Creating an oasis with green foliage surrounding a large pond only adds to the tranquility of this space.

In a traditional Asian-style garden pond, there exists a bridge or stepping stones over the water. This gives you access to walk around and even through your water-filled garden.

2. Stone Water Feature

A more modern take on water feature ideas for patio is a stacked-stone waterfall. This style is perfect for smaller yards because you can adjust it to scale.

Just pick your favorite stone and watch the water slowly drip down to a pond or reservoir.

You can surround the water feature with vibrant green grass by using these tips for keeping a healthy lawn all year. The excess water could be used to keep your soil moist too.

3. Classic Fountain

Adding these water fountain garden ideas brings extravagance to the focal point of your backyard.

This idea bodes well with large yards with a design aesthetic of whimsical, yet traditional. This type of fountain is usually round and includes a central statue that shoots water out into a small surrounding moat.

4. Modern Waterfall with Lights

If you have a spa or pool already or plan to construct one in your next redesign, then adding a waterfall feature with lights is easy.

You can enjoy night swimming with the soothing glow of LED-lite falling water. And even if you do not have a pool, a miniature waterfall works as water feature ideas for small gardens.

5. Stepping Stone Stream

One of the most intricate landscaping water features is a stream running through your yard. You can feel like you are facing the forest in a rustic cabin yet be in the suburbs or city.

Add some convenient stepping stones through the stream to make it easy to enjoy and for the kids to play in the stream.

Cost-effective Water Feature Ideas

Water feature ideas do not have to break your budget. They can easily be incorporated into your landscape design. Design them to be as grand or as simple as you would like while turning your home into a serene paradise.

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