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Your Guide to Greener Grass Year Round

Posted Jul 9th, 2019

Your Guide to Greener Grass Year Round

No matter how nice your home looks, if your grass is lacking the beautiful green colour you love -- your home is not at its best.

Your landscaping and specifically the colour of your grass has a lot to do with curb appeal. Continue reading this article to learn how to keep grass green.

The 101 on How to Keep Grass Green

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or you're just decided you're tired of brown grass, these tips can help you spruce up your grass. These tips are easy to implement and you may see results faster than you thought possible.

1. Proper Lawn Nourishment

There isn't a one size fits all lawn care plan. You need to make sure to test your soil's pH level and nutrients. You should test every two years to make sure everything is in order.

Fall is usually the best time to take samples and to get the results, you should send them in to a lab.

Once you know what your lawn needs, get the slow release fertilizer that is best for your lawn. As well as any other nutrients suggested for a vibrant lawn.

2. Put Down Sod or Seed

Depending on your area, you will need a different type of seed than some other areas. If you aren't sure of the type of grass that you have, you can speak to the local lawn and garden shop and they can let you know.

If you are sodding your lawn, make sure you have the right sod. You also need to prepare your soil properly or you won't get the results that you want.

3. Proper Watering

Water is vital to humans and it is the same for grass.

When you have new seeds, you need to water them two times a day.

For more established grass, you want to water deeply and less frequently. Doing this will ensure that your grass takes root properly. If you aren't sure how deeply you're watering, take a spade and stab it into the ground to test.

4. Mowing Your Grass

Mowing the grass is a necessary evil but if you're doing it wrong, you could be harming your grass.

Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp by sharpening them after 15 to 20 hours of use. Not only do dull blades cost you more gas when you're mowing but they will hack your grass.

If you notice that your grass has brown tips, this could be a sign that they experienced trauma during the last mowing session.

You should also take note of which way you mowed your grass the last time and change it up each time that you mow. If you keep doing it the same way each time you will compact the soil.

Get Professional Help

Now that you know how to keep grass green, you might think it is too much trouble to do on your own. If you aren't up for the challenge yourself, give us a call. We help our clients grow grass they are proud of and we would be glad to do the same for you.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, would like to discuss your potential project, or desire an estimate. Start now to plan for the 2024 Spring Season!


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