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From Ponds to Waterfalls: Exploring Different Types of Water Features

Posted Oct 5th, 2023 in Backyard Inspiration, Landscaping Ideas

From Ponds to Waterfalls: Exploring Different Types of Water Features

What if you could make your yard more inviting to wildlife, more tranquil, and overall more beautiful?

Even better, it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, and it doesn't have to cost you a lot of space.

All you need is to add a water feature.

From ponds to waterfalls and everything in between, there are so many wonderful options for water features. Let's explore your different options for adding these unique landscaping ideas to your yard.


If you are looking to add a pond feature, consider either a fish pond or a wildlife pond.

For a fish pond, koi are a popular choice. Koi are hardy fish. With the right measures, they can survive a Canadian winter.

The downside is that a fish pond will be more maintenance than other water features. Along with feeding your fish, you will have to spend a few minutes each week skimming the water and clearing it of debris. Also, it's easy for algae to build up, so expect to spend some time periodically cleaning it up.

Also, if you are a frequent traveller, having a fish pond means finding someone to feed your fish and look after your pond while you are gone.

Unlike a fish pond, a wildlife pond aims to mimic a natural pond environment and attract wildlife, which is a key benefit of adding a water feature to your yard.


Waterfalls come in two general options: with and without a pond. Both are great options, depending on what you are looking for.

A waterfall with a pond is always a popular option since they are relaxing to listen to and pleasant to look at.

This option can also be used for creating a large, impressive focal point in your garden. It's also easy to incorporate other features, such as aquatic plants or native plants and rocks.

The downside is that they may be more costly and require more maintenance than other water features.

Another waterfall option is pondless waterfalls. Your waterfall could flow into either a small basin or into a small area with a gravel bottom. This is a low-maintenance option that is safe for pets and small children.

It's also a smaller, low-profile option. This is great if you want to add a water feature but also want to preserve some space in your yard.


Fountains give you lots of style and design options. You could use natural rocks, spillway bowls, urns, bamboo fountains, wall fountains, or a combination. Of course, you can play with height as well and create a tiered fountain.

You could also go the opposite route and go with a tabletop fountain, which is exactly what it sounds like a small tabletop fountain to complement your outdoor space.

As a bonus, a fountain - or really any water source, is a great way to create a bird-friendly backyard.

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