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3 Creative Residential Landscaping Ideas for a Unique-Looking Lawn

Posted Sep 21st, 2023 in Landscaping Ideas

3 Creative Residential Landscaping Ideas for a Unique-Looking Lawn

Did you know that outdoor improvements such as residential landscaping or a new deck can boost the value of your property? In Canada, 55% of homeowners surveyed chose to update outdoor spaces and landscaping when doing a renovation. This is one home improvement that not only increases your return on investment but also your quality of life.

From patios to walkways, we'll go over a few landscape design ideas that will transform your outdoor living space. Whether you want a new garden or a place to entertain, let's dive in and see which landscape idea is right for you.

1. Use a Residential Landscaping Service to Create an Outdoor Entertainment Area

One great way to use landscaping is to use it to define a space. This means using trees, bushes, or flower beds to outline a patio or an outdoor entertaining area. A new outdoor entertaining area is like an extension of your home.

Think about adding an addition on to the back of your home to extend your living space. You'll gain tons of square footage and seating areas to host friends and family. Whether you want it with pavers, bricks, or tiles, an outdoor entertaining zone looks amazing nestled amongst great landscaping.

Choose landscaping that will add dimension and colour all year long. Give yourself privacy or shade if needed as well. Switch out pots and seasonal plants and use perennial landscaping in the areas surrounding your patio.

2. Create a Firepit or Relaxation Area With a Residential Landscaping Company

If you want to create an outdoor entertainment area and make your lawn more unique, consider hiring a residential landscaping company to help with your lawn's design. A firepit or relaxation area can be built in the middle of the yard while adding another dimension to the landscape design.

With the help of a residential landscaping company, you can create a space that will allow for relaxing by the fire or cooking s'mores with the kids. Improving outdoor space is one of the trends of recent years that is here to stay.

3. Add a Curved Pathway to Your Landscaping Design

While straight, rectangular paths are a classic choice for residential landscaping, curved pathways can add interest and uniqueness to your design. Curved walkways are well-suited for small yards as well.

Curved paths are perfect for adding character to a landscape design. This is especially true when they are used alongside garden beds. Picture beautiful flowers on either side of a curved walkway leading you to a patio, garage, pool, or other entertainment zone.

They're also great at creating focal points in smaller spaces where their curves will stand out against other parts of the yard that may be more blandly level. A grass area is great to break up with a curved pathway to add dimension, for example.

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