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Here Is Your Complete Guide to Landscaping in the Fall

Posted Nov 2nd, 2022 in Lawn Care

Here Is Your Complete Guide to Landscaping in the Fall

Your lawn doesn't give up growing just because the spring and summer months are over. It's not until winter that lawn care becomes a moot point. Fall landscaping is still an essential part of grounds maintenance.

Seasonal lawn care is imperative if you want your yard to look good and healthy throughout the year. Despite the effort, lawn care takes, there are benefits to maintaining your grounds.

Here is some helpful advice if you'd like to maintain a healthy lawn. Keep reading if you'd like to know more about fall landscaping and seasonal lawn care.

A Clean Lawn Promotes Growth

clean lawn is a healthy lawn. When leaves and other debris lands in your yard during the fall, it can hinder grass growth. The layer of leaves blocks sunlight and passages within the soil, inhibiting airflow.

Fallen detritus can also prevent water from reaching your grass and other plants' roots. Once you remove the inhibiting layer, your flora can resume growth unobstructed.

You can mow over smaller leaves and twigs; not only does this keep you from having to pick them up, but it leaves a nutrient-rich layer that will help your grass and other plants.

Landscaping can be labour-intensive work. If you cannot perform yard work yourself, you can hire landscaping services to do the job for you.

Weeds Are Competitive and Harmful

You may spot a plethora of weeds after removing the fallen leaf layer. Fall landscaping is a great time to get rid of these invasive plants.

Pulling the weeds is an effective way to help your yard, but you must also remove the roots. You can opt for herbicides if you'd like a less laborious means to de-weed your lawn.

Something to know about herbicides and seasonal lawn care is how much is too much. Too many chemicals may result in all your plants and grass dying. Spot-treating weeds is the best method to maintain your yard.

After the weeds are gone, the plants you want to grow aren't competing for water and nutrients. The faster you remove the weeds, the less time your grass and other flora waste fighting for food and water.

A Clean Lawn Keeps Pests Away

You're probably familiar with the idea that rats and other pests enjoy hiding in mountains of junk. Outdoor pests aren't much different - a thick layer of leaves and twigs is a great hiding space for unwanted guests.

Good grounds maintenance keeps spiders, mites, ticks, and wasps from going undercover and potentially harming you or visitors. Mould and algae are also an issue with leaf build-up.

When the leaves accumulate enough water and decompose, fungi can propagate and harm you and your plants. Professional landscaping services can help you clear away detritus to keep pests and fungus away.

Do You Need Fall Landscaping?

Fall landscaping is an integral part of seasonal lawn care. If you stay on top of your annual grounds maintenance, you'll have a healthy lawn to look forward to throughout the year.

Contact Scott's Landscaping team if you're looking for professional landscaping services to help keep your lawn in good shape. We've over 25 years of landscaping, snow removal, and landscape designer experience.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

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