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4 Modern Backyard Ideas That Are Surprisingly Low Maintenance

Posted Oct 12th, 2022 in Lawn Care

4 Modern Backyard Ideas That Are Surprisingly Low Maintenance

Your backyard is sucking you dry! Canadians spent $4.7 billion in the greenhouse and nursery industries in 2020. Some gardeners spent hours maintaining their gardens, spending very little time relaxing in them.

Creative backyard ideas can make your backyard more beautiful and enjoyable. However, you need to take steps so you don't spend too much money and time. Thankfully, you can find many low-maintenance summer remodelling ideas to explore.

What are bold ways you can improve your backyard? What are the best plants for low-maintenance gardens? What should you do to make your backyard more relaxing?

Answer these questions and you can have the backyard of your dreams in no time. Here are four great renovation ideas to explore.

1. Get Rid of Your Lawn

If you don't want to maintain your grass or plants, you can order a backyard renovation that will get rid of them and replace them with other materials. Stone dust forms a good floor, and you can put a fire pit or build a patio on top of the dust. You can also add flagstone paths for easy mobility in and around your lawn.

2. Select Plants That Need Less Water

Many plants do not require extensive maintenance to survive, even during harsh weather. Perennial plants live for years, and popular perennials include asters and foxgloves.

Succulents have thick leaves, making them visible on a long or wide lawn. Make sure water drains out of your soil easily, as wet soil can spoil your plants. You can create a native garden using perennials and succulents in your area, which makes your backyard seem like the wilderness.

Make sure your plants can adapt to your local climate. Coneflowers, daylilies, and grasses are popular in Canadian homes and gardens.

3. Redirect the Rain

Water features are sculptures that use moving water to create interesting visuals. You can add a fountain, sculpture, or other artwork to your lawn, especially if you want to put in a centrepiece in a garden.

But you can make your own water feature by redirecting the rain. You can place a water barrel underneath your downspout and then use the barrel to water your plants. You can also create a dry riverbed, filling a hole around a tree with rocks, which will catch the rain and funnel it into the roots.

4. Increase Livability

Installing paths in your backyard is one way you can make your yard more livable. You should put outdoor furniture in your yard so you can sit and lounge. If you want to entertain guests in your yard, you can put benches and chairs around tables.

You can also grow fragrant plants, which can create pleasant odours that encourage you to hang out in your garden. Jasmine plants are easy to maintain yet they create a light and refreshing scent.

Take Advantage of Backyard Ideas

There are so many backyard ideas you can explore. You can get bold and tear out your grass, installing granite or concrete that you can use as a patio or living area.

If you want to keep your plants, you should opt for perennials and succulents that need very little water or sunlight. To make watering easier, you can trap your rainwater with downspouts, buckets, and dry riverbeds. Make sure you put paths and furniture in your yard for easy access.

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