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4 Important Summer Landscaping Tips

Posted Oct 5th, 2022 in Lawn Care

4 Important Summer Landscaping Tips

The summertime is the season where most of us get the most enjoyment out of our lawns and yards. But it's not all about relaxing in the sunshine. Keeping up with the summer landscaping is essential to keeping your property fit for recreation and entertaining.

To make sure that your yard is ready to weather rising temperatures and active use, here are some key tips for you to follow.

1. Use Water Wisely in Your Summer Landscaping

Canada enjoys one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water in the world. However, our supplies are by no means infinite. Endemic droughts have begun to affect parts of the country, and will only worsen as we feel the effects of climate change.

Not only is being smart about how we use water a collective responsibility, but it can impact your landscaping success, as well. Aim to water lawns and gardens in the early morning to prevent rapid evaporation, and try to limit your watering to 2.5 cm per week.

2. Get Summer Pests Under Control

There's another reason beyond conservation why you may want to limit your watering. The summer brings mosquitos and other nuisances out of hibernation to ruin any outdoor outings that may extend into the late afternoon.

Controlling these pests is a major quality of life issue for you, your family, and any guests that you may entertain.

3. Attract Beneficial Visitors

Summer is a time for welcoming guests over to share in the beauty of the season. But there are some guests you can attract who will help you take care of your backyard maintenance.

Beneficial insects can provide several valuable landscaping services for you. Some will root out pests that prey on your grasses and greenery, while others will pollinate your gardens and ensure that your flowers are in bloom and your fall harvests are bountiful.

4. Add Mulch and Shade

On long summer days, an excess of sun and heat can prove to be a curse just as much as a blessing. Especially as temperatures rise to record highs in some regions.

This is why ample mulch and shade are essential to your backyard maintenance game plan.

Mulching is the best thing that you can do to keep the soil cool enough for your temperate plants on scalding days. It will also help keep the soil moist for longer, reducing the amount of water you need to use.

An excess of light can likewise prove problematic for some plants. Providing cover by putting up awnings or planting taller, sun-resistant plants near more vulnerable specimens will help keep them from catching too many rays.

Staying On Top of Your Landscaping

Keeping up on your summer landscaping will not only keep your yard looking presentable for the season but help minimize the amount of work that you need to do to prepare for the fall and winter. Diligence is the cost of a cultivated lawn or garden.

But keeping up with the chores year-round can start to feel like more than a single person can manage. If that describes your situation, reach out to us today to learn how our professional grounds maintenance services can keep your property looking immaculate all year long.

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