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4 Best Winter Landscaping Tips

Posted Aug 18th, 2022 in Lawn Care

4 Best Winter Landscaping Tips

For those of us who love our landscapes, winter can be a tough time. Leaves die and fall, snow covers everything, and not many plants grow. If you're not careful, your winter landscape might look bleak and bare.

The good news is that we've put together this winter landscaping guide so you can keep your landscape beautiful and full of colour even in the winter months! Read on to learn all about the four most crucial landscaping tips for the winter.

4 Best Winter Landscaping Tips

Just because the winter months can feel bare doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful landscaping. There are many ways to ensure that even in winter your landscape looks its bright and beautiful best.

Some of these methods include: adding evergreens, placing strategic hardscapes, incorporating berries, and utilizing interesting bark. Read on to learn more about each one of these winter landscaping tips.

1. Evergreens to the Rescue

Evergreens are a great addition to any landscape all year round. They are crucial in wintertime and can make or break a winter landscape.

Some people think evergreens only come in green. That isn't true! Evergreens come in many colors, including blue, yellow, and more. Evergreens keep life colorful even in the coldest months.

2. Hardscape is a Must

Hardscape that gets overlooked in summer will stand out in winter. You don't have to add new plants or trees to make your landscape look distinguished in winter. Sometimes, simply adding some strategically placed hardscapes will suffice.

Garden benches, sculptures, a trellis, or an arbor will enhance a winter landscape. In the winter months, reconsider your usage and placement of hardscapes.

3. Add Colour with Berries

One of the best ways to keep colour in your landscape during winter is adding berries. The trick is to find a shrub or tree which keeps its fruit during winter. Try a holly bush, crabapple tree, hawthorn tree, snowberries, or coralberries.

Berries add colour to a winter landscape and really pop in the snow. They are a must-have for anyone who might be landscaping in winter.

4. Use Interesting Bark

Wintertime will put more focus on your bark. This is because your deciduous trees will lose their leaves. This could be seen as another drawback for landscaping in winter, but you can make it work for you! Try to find a tree or shrub that features unique, eye-catching bark.

Birch trees, oaks, dogwood trees, and cork trees are all great options for this. Your eye-catching bark will keep your winter landscape from looking drab.

Winter Landscaping Guide

You don't have to accept a drab, colourless landscape in the winter. Winter landscapers have many strategies at their disposal to keep their landscapes bright, colourful, and beautiful. Just remember these four best tips for winter landscaping: evergreens, hardscapes, berries, and bark.

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