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Design Guide: 4 Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid

Posted Aug 4th, 2022 in Lawn Care

Design Guide: 4 Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid

Spending time outdoors is important for our well-being and health.

There is no better way to spend time outdoors than by investing in a pleasant landscape design for your home's yard. The nicer and more welcoming your yard is, the more time you will want to spend outdoors enjoying it.

While we know there are many benefits to beautifying one's yard; landscape design is not as simple as it looks. There are a lot of factors to consider when changing or elevating your outdoor space, and unfortunately, many people make critical landscape design mistakes.

Keep reading our landscape design guide to find out four landscape design mistakes you should avoid.

1. Making Wrong Plant Choices

Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong plants for their yards. For a successful landscape design, there are some important factors to consider when choosing trees, shrubs and plants.

The plants you choose to create the ideal landscape must be suited to the climate. Make sure they are well-suited for the weather conditions of your region. A plant hardiness zone map can help you narrow the choices down.

If you want your landscaping plants to thrive, you should also choose plants well-suited to the soil conditions of your yard, whether it's sandy, loamy or clay-type soil.

2. Forgetting That Plants Grow and Change

When it comes to landscaping mistakes, one of the most common ones is to avoid considering what the plant will look like when it's fully grown. To avoid unexpected surprises, plan your garden according to what the plants will look like when they are mature.

Another detail about landscape design is to factor in what the plant looks like in the winter when it loses its foliage. Avoid only choosing plants that are bare and uninteresting in the winter months, especially if you live somewhere with long winters.

3. Forgetting the Maintenance Requirements

To avoid one of the biggest mistakes in landscape design, take care to plan for the maintenance requirements of all of your chosen plants.

Some trees and shrubs require annual or more frequent pruning, fertilizing, and regular care. Maintenance requirements are overwhelming sometimes, so keep this in mind.

If you include ponds, fountains, fire pits or other special features, these also have complicated requirements for upkeep and repairs. Make sure you are aware of the maintenance requirements, if there are any.

4. Not Hiring Professional Landscapers

No matter what your budget is, landscaping pitfalls are avoidable when you hire a professional landscaping company.

Avoid putting time and energy into landscaping that, in the end, either isn't aesthetically pleasing or has preventable issues. Landscaping work is often labour-intensive, complex and dangerous at times. They help you choose the best plants for your yard and help you design a beautiful oasis according to your individual requests and the desired outcomes.

Landscaping: A Design Guide

Use our design guide on what landscaping issues to avoid for a positive and fulfilling landscaping design experience!

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