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The Benefits to Hiring a Snow Removal Service

Posted Feb 17th, 2022 in Lawn Care

The Benefits to Hiring a Snow Removal Service

Residents in Dundas, Ancaster, Oakville, Burlington, Brantford, and Hamilton, Ontario are all too familiar with frigid winters. These areas can expect snowfall for over four months, with February receiving the most snowfall at roughly 3.6 inches.

When dealing with that much snowfall, it's important to put safety first. Next to safety, you have to think about housing damage.

In this post, we'll delve into the benefits of hiring a snow removal service to give you the peace of mind you deserve this winter.

Prevent Slips and Falls With a Snow Removal Service

Do you have steps leading up to your porch and front door?

During winter, concrete (or wooden) steps become caked with snow, creating hazardous walking conditions for all. Senior citizens and people with disabilities are particularly affected by this problem. Hazardous conditions are also exacerbated by a lack of safety additions, like railings.

The first step to preventing accidents is to hire a snow removal service experienced in salting. Salt is applied to porch steps after clearing accumulated snow.

When the snow comes into contact with salt, a reaction called freezing point depression occurs. Thus, salt lowers the water freezing point.

You can hire a snow removal company to salt your steps before a snowstorm hits.

Salting also prevents snow from melting and freezing into ice, creating slippery conditions. You can always call a service after a storm to remove the snow and salt your steps (and porch) after a major snowfall.

You should also follow these steps for the sidewalk in front of your home since you're also responsible for any slips and falls that occur in front of your house.

The Benefits of Professional Snow Blowing

Heavy snowfall proves that a regular snow shovel just doesn't cut it, but that doesn't mean you have to invest in an expensive snow blower of your own. Since you only deal with snow for a limited time during the year, you can actually save money by requesting a snow-blowing service instead.

snow removal professional will come out to your home and remove the snow on your sidewalk, driveway, and steps. Shoveling your own property can take hours, especially if you don't have help. You might have taken time off work or canceled plans to shovel your property in the past.

Instead, a technician will use professional-grade snow blowers to clear the surrounding area at an affordable rate without interrupting your life.

Snow Clearing

Are you a commercial property owner?

Snow-covered parking lots are a major safety liability. Plus, customers and tenants depend on parking spaces. Both of these problems can affect your profits if you don't mitigate them quickly.

If you're expecting snowfall, book a snow-clearing appointment to remove piled-up snow as quickly as possible so that you don't disrupt business operations. You can also call a professional as soon as possible, and they'll come out to your commercial property quickly.

Discover the Benefits of Snow Removal

Avoid hazardous conditions and professional liabilities this winter. Learn why everyone from homeowners to landlords relies on professional snow removal services.

Are you ready to hire a snow removal service right now?

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