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5 of the Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

Posted Feb 3rd, 2022

5 of the Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

How would you like to transform your backyard into the centrepiece of your home? This can be a place where you and your family entertain your friends and where everyone can enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

However, it's not enough to simply throw a grill on the patio table, put out some lawn furniture, and hope for the best. Instead, you’ll want to go out of your way to make your backyard look as good as possible.

Backyard lighting ideas are among the best ways to take your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Continue reading this lighting guide for some ideas that you can use to make your outdoor space pop.

1. Try Pathway Lighting for a Dramatic Effect

Pathway lighting involves small lights that are embedded into stairs at the end of a walkway. They are excellent for stylishly illuminating walkways and preventing people from tripping on hard-to-see stairs.

Pathway lighting can also be used to brighten secluded footpaths or highlight flowerbeds and shrubbery.

2. Use Rope Lighting or String Lights for a Comfy Appearance

String lights, also known as rope lighting, are among the most beautiful and enchanting types of outdoor lighting.

As the name implies, they typically consist of small bulbs that are strung across a lawn or patio on a line. They can also take the form of flexible plastic tubes with LED lights inside them that provide a gentle glow.

3. Go for an Impressive Look With Uplighting

Uplighting is the exciting effect of placing light fixtures in or on the ground and pointing them upwards to enhance certain landscape or architectural features.

It’s a fantastic way to show off a meticulously manicured garden or ornate housing design. It also serves to illuminate patios and walkways with gentle, indirect lighting.

4. Keep it Simple With Outdoor Floor and Table Lights

While nothing particularly fancy, floor and table lights for outdoor spaces are convenient and economical. They provide decorative, foundational ways to light up a backyard space. They also provide a lovely ambience for intimate outdoor dinners.

5. Give Outdoor Pendant Lights a Try

Pendant lights are also known as drop lights or suspenders lights. They’re simply hanging light fixtures that are suspended with a cord or chain, like a pendant on a necklace.

Outdoor pendant lights come in many shapes and sizes, from miniature lanterns to fixtures that are over a meter long.

Try These Backyard Lighting Ideas With Scott’s Landscaping
We’re guessing you can’t wait to try one of these backyard lighting ideas. But have you considered hiring a landscaping company to take your backyard to the next level?

DIY tips can only get you so far, you know. To get a backyard design that’s cohesive and really feels like home, you need professional expertise.

That’s where Scott’s Landscaping comes in. No matter what dreams you have for your yard, we can take the guesswork out of the process with expert lawn care and landscape construction. Get in touch today to find out how.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

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