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3 Unique Garden Accents That Will Stand Out

Posted Jan 27th, 2022 in Lawn Care

3 Unique Garden Accents That Will Stand Out

A garden offers homeowners a beautiful space to enjoy nature, and adding the right accents can make this part of your home even better. Data shows that gnomes were the biggest garden trend in 2022, but they're not the only thing you can add to make your garden stand out.

Before you start shopping for garden decorations, it's good to know which ones will help your home stand apart from the crowd.

Here are three unique garden accents that should take your outdoor space to the next level.

1. Water Features

From fountains to ponds, a water feature lends a serene feel to your garden. These garden accents come in a wide assortment of styles, sizes, and formats.

if you want something simple, choose a small plug-in fountain that you can move anywhere in your outdoor space. For something a bit more permanent, consider installing a larger hardwire fountain to serve as a stunning focal point.

Ponds are also a great garden renovation. Just make sure that you have your pond installed by a professional since they do need the right equipment and maintenance to keep them looking clean and beautiful year-round.

2. Great Garden Accents: Beautiful Lighting

Lighting is one of the best things you can add to your landscape and garden renovation. Whether it's pathway lights, string lights, or spotlights, this is one addition that will definitely help your home and garden stand out.

You can mix and match the lighting you install to create layered lighting outside. Not only do these lights bring beauty to a garden or patio, but they also improve home security, too.

Make sure you select lighting that works for your needs. Motion-activated lights help with security, while more decorative lights help to give your garden a beautiful, warm glow when the sun goes down.

3. Hardscaping

Small accents like fun and colourful garden decorations always bring a pop of personality to your garden. But hardscaping is one of those garden updates that really help your home stand apart from the rest.

The term hardscaping refers to anything that uses "hard" materials like concrete, stone, or pavers, just to name a few. Consider adding a beautiful rock wall or a paved pathway to give your landscape a boost. A beautiful concrete patio is another great way to elevate this space.

These garden accent options not only make your garden space look more beautiful. but they also add more functionality. Explore your options to determine which type of hardscape will give your home a leg up.

Enhance Your Garden Today

Remember these three garden accents if you want to make your home stand out. Whether it's beautiful hardscaping, a water feature, or new lighting, each of these will take your garden renovation to a new level.

If you're ready to update your landscape design, be sure to contact Scott's Landscaping to find out how we can help.

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