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How to Choose the Perfect Water Feature for Your Garden

Posted Dec 30th, 2021 in Lawn Care

How to Choose the Perfect Water Feature for Your Garden

Your garden is the highlight of your home and what better way to spruce it up than with a water feature? Garden water features bring a sense of calm that you can feel. That feeling will meld well with your existing garden.

Plus these home water features can increase your home's value! Current owners of these garden options can tell you how calming the sound of running water can be. It can transform your garden into a relaxing haven.

What is the best way to choose what water feature options you want? What options are there to choose from? Read on for advice on how to choose the perfect water feature for your garden!

Know Your Garden Size

You don't want to pick a water feature that's too big or too small for your yard. Know the measurements of your garden. Especially around where you plan on installing the feature. That way you don't walk away with one that's not the right size.

Getting your measurements in advance will save you from so much trouble later on. The more accurate the measurements, the more perfect your feature can be. The more perfect it is, the more people will envy it!

Traditional Garden or Modern Garden?

Does your garden flow and mimic nature, or is it sleek and ordered? The design of your garden plays a major part in picking the right residential water features. If your garden is one with nature, then you don't want a water feature with straight lines and structured shapes.

The two styles will clash and take away from the feel of your garden. They need to work with each other to bring out the beauty of your garden. You want a water feature that works with your garden style, not against it.

Choose Your Location

Does your garden have hills and valleys? If it does, then you need to keep that in mind when picking the location for your water feature. You can even use that uneven ground as inspiration.

Pick a water feature that works with the terrain and enjoy a garden that mimics nature. You might use the terrain to build a more modern feature, too. It all depends on your garden style!

Decide On A Fountain

The biggest decision is, of course, which water feature you want to go with. If your garden is more traditional, you might go with a Japanese fountain or bubbling rocks. If you want a more modern style, you could pick an endless feature, a wall, or an LED fountain.

A Water Feature For Your Garden

Picking a water feature for your modern or traditional garden is a big choice. Put picking the right one can not only increase the value of your home but give it a sense of peace it might be lacking. Install a water feature in your garden and enjoy the beauty of nature right next to your home!

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