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Spa Installation: What to Expect

Posted Dec 22nd, 2021 in Lawn Care

Spa Installation: What to Expect

If you recently made the wise decision to add a home spa, congratulations! In addition to all of the relaxation benefits, you will also likely recoup its cost since a home spa can appreciate the value of your home. But to reap those rewards, you've got to go beyond choosing a spa; you must install it first.

You may think it's all up to the professionals to make for a hiccup-free spa installation day, but there are some things you can do to prepare on your own. So keep reading to learn some tips to get you from delivery day to spa day in a snap.

Location, Location, Location

There are several essential location factors when it comes to spa installation. The first is also the most fun; determining where your new spa will go. Ideally, your backyard has a spot that offers some protection from the elements and privacy from neighbours.

While different spa options need different conditions, most should be positioned near the back of your house to accommodate the logistical requirements of power and water supply. Don't stress if you're having a hard time choosing a spot; your spa installer can help!

Another location consideration to keep in mind is the delivery route. Ask your installer for measurements and then do a walkthrough of the path your spa will take from the curb to its final destination and see if anything could compromise your delivery, such as a steep, sloping lawn or a pathway that's too narrow.

Review Technical Requirements

Before your spa is delivered, your installation professional will go through the technical needs required of your project and work with you to ensure that your space meets them. These requirements depend on the size of your spa and any additional features, such as custom lighting or eye-catching water features.

If you have never had a spa installed before, you'll most likely need a dedicated breaker added to your electrical panel. This will support the added draw from your new spa.

Additionally, all necessary hardware, wires, and conduit will need to be installed. You can expect this to occur before delivery.

You should know that this is often considered an additional service and is not included in the base price of an installation. Some also do not offer any electrical services at all. In which case, you would need to hire an electrician and perhaps even a general contractor to oversee the work.

You should always ask what is included with your spa installation and whether outside contractors will be necessary for the project.

Delivery Day
If you haven't already, it's a good idea to invite your installer over to assess the delivery situation. Doing this prior to installing a spa will ensure a smooth experience. This is because every yard presents a unique challenge, which is often only obvious to the experts.

For a residential spa, sometimes only a dolly or a few planks of plywood for a makeshift ramp is necessary. However, it's not rare to need a crane to accomplish the job. This may sound extreme, but it's simple to arrange.

Work With Experts for a Breezy Spa Installation

There are many moving parts during the creation of your home spa, starting with the design and planning and ending with the spa installation. To make it go as relaxing as your new spa will be, it's best to work with trusted professionals who have excellent reviews.

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