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Pruning Shrubs: The Basics

Posted Dec 15th, 2021 in Lawn Care

Pruning Shrubs: The Basics

Did you know you can improve curb appeal by adding shrubs to your property? Keep up with shrub care and improve your curb appeal. If you need help with pruning shrubs, we're here to help.

This guide will explain how you can prune your shrubs with little difficulty. In addition, you'll learn when you should trim shrubs and how to keep them healthy and vibrant.

Ready to have the most desirable landscape on the block? Keep reading.

Why Should You Prune Shrubs?

Shrub pruning will promote plant health. It can enhance the shape and size of your landscape plants on the property.

Pruning will also remove dying or dead stubs and branches on the shrub. As a result, you will promote new growth in the shrub and maintain healthy flower or fruit production.

You can trim shrubs around your property to maintain the hedge aesthetic if you have shrubs around your property. As a result, your evergreens will remain dense and proportionate.

Keep up with shrub maintenance throughout the year.

What Tools Do You Need?

First, you'll need to pick up the appropriate pruners for the job.

Scissor action pruners have two sharp blades. Anvil cut pruners will have one blade that slices across a flat and wide surface. The scissor action pruners are expensive, but they provide a close and clean slice.

Your hedge clippers will have straight, long blades. Use these clippers for small green branches.

You could get a pruning saw. They come in a lot of different sizes. Some blades will be designed for small tree trunks or massive branches.

If you use these blades often, you'll want to oil them and sharpen them. Also, make sure you always disinfect them after using them so you can prevent any plant diseases.

What's a Terminal Bud?

The branches' small green growing tip is known as the terminal bud. The bud creates a hormone that affects the growth of the shrub's side branches.

If you get rid of the terminal bud, the lateral buds will grow into more branches. But if you leave the terminal bud, that branch will extend instead of thickening.

How to Determine the Shrub's Shape

You'll want to look at the shrub you're about to prune and consider its shape and size.

Should it look arching, rounded, or tree-like? Is there a purpose to the shrub? Is it supposed to form a stunning hedge around the perimeter of your property?

You should also determine if the shrub appears healthy and if it grows consistently. Of course, you can always call a landscaping company if you're unsure.

When you prune a shrub correctly, it will look natural. Most of the time, it won't look as if it was pruned at all. If the natural shape doesn't appeal to you, move it and plant one that's more aesthetically appealing.

Start Pruning Shrubs on Your Property

We hope this guide on pruning shrubs was helpful.

Consider the kind of shrubs on your property and what shape they should hold. Do they need to get shaped or removed? Make sure you always disinfect the blades after using them.

Do you need help with pruning? Would you like to hire professionals with experience? Contact us today for a quote. We'd be happy to help transform your landscape.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, would like to discuss your potential project, or desire an estimate. Start now to plan for the 2024 Spring Season!


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