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Landscape Designers Near Me: How to Choose the Right One

Posted Nov 17th, 2021

Landscape Designers Near Me: How to Choose the Right One

Who does not like a well-manicured lawn? Canadians take a lot of pride in maintaining a thick, green yard. In fact, the Canadian landscaping industry is now valued at close to $14 billion.

The industry grows five percent on average each year. The growth is fueled by a growing number of homeowners and businesses entering the market to spruce up their landscape. Many are moving beyond a green yard and overhauling their landscaping design as well.

However, not all landscape design companies are created equal. Read on to learn the key factors when searching for landscape designers near me. Explore tips for how to choose the best landscape designers.

Proper Experience

There are plenty of landscaping companies out there. Any person can start a landscaping business with a lawnmower and some basic tools.

Yet, certain landscaping jobs require an advanced level of experience. For example, the landscaping company should have years of experience with hardscapes, garden accents, and redesigns.

Thorough Planning

You do not want to hire a company that shows up and wings it. The best landscape designers are thorough planners. They use technology to plan out their vision for your landscape.

For instance, ask a prospective landscaper for a 3D rendering photo. This is the latest technology in landscaping design and provides clients with a full-colour 3D image.

Drawings completed in 2D AutoCAD are another indication of thorough planning. These drawings show what the property will look like from a bird’s eye view. They are helpful in providing accurate price quotations from a labour and material perspective.

Project Examples

Asking for project examples is a great way to select a good landscape designer. Specifically, make a request to the company for projects that are analogous to your landscape’s requirements.

While photos are good, it is even better to drive by and look at project examples in person. Now, you can make sure you are satisfied with the end result and check the company’s quality.

Online Research
The internet provides consumers with a plethora of information about landscape designers. Here, you can read customer testimonials and reviews.

Google collects five-star reviews on companies with a web presence. You can read about past customers’ experiences and use them to your advantage.

Social media is another powerful tool for researching landscape design companies. On Facebook, you can ask members of the community for local recommendations. You can interact directly with customers that had a positive or negative experience with a company.

The company’s Facebook page is also helpful. You can look at photos or videos of their work. Many companies have an Instagram or Snapchat account to publish their interactive media.

Choosing The Best Landscape Designers Near Me
You are now ready to search for a landscape designer. It is important to confirm that they have relevant experience.

Additionally, make sure they use modern planning tools and have positive reviews online. Lastly, ask for examples to make sure you like their work.

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