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How to Protect Your Landscape During the Cold Winter Months

Posted Oct 27th, 2021 in Lawn Care

How to Protect Your Landscape During the Cold Winter Months

You've spent all year investing time and money on a great-looking lawn. Don't let winter undo all your hard work. Sure, you get to take a break with the mowing and feeding of your lawn but that doesn't mean your lawn maintenance needs to be put on pause as well.

If you're not careful, the colder months can really wreak havoc on your lawn and put all the year's yard work in danger. The good news is, with a few simple maintenance tips and tricks, your lawn will be looking great come springtime. Read on to find out exactly what you should do to make sure your lawn makes it through the winter.

Prep Your Lawn

Get out the leaf blower or rake and make sure your lawn is clean and ready for colder weather. By the end of fall, aim to remove any leaves and debris which can smother your lawn and restrict the growth of new grass.

As part of your winter yard maintenance, you'll also want to cut your grass a little shorter than usual. In warmer months, this is usually considered bad mowing practice but mowing to between 2 to 2.5 inches just before the snow hits will help protect new growth and minimize the lawn from becoming a feeding ground for pests.

Lastly, you should aerate your lawn and do one final fertilizing so your lawn can draw upon the nutrients once the weather starts to warm. All of these lawn care tips should be done before any snow or frost hits.

Watch Out for Snow
Once it starts snowing, there are still some serious hazards that can do damage to your lawn. The extra weight from the snow itself can push down onto your soil and grass so don't be tempted to pile the snow from shovelling your driveway or sidewalk onto your lawn. If this is unavoidable, try to spread it evenly across your lawn instead of heaping it all into one place.

Melting agents and de-icers can damage trees and plants by drawing water away from their roots. Try your best to keep these away from your lawn altogether and get rid of any extra salt by flushing out the soil with lots of water.

Extreme conditions such as snow mould and crown freeze can really affect how your lawn looks once it starts to warm up. Keep an eye on the weather conditions and if in doubt, remove any hazards that could be damaging your lawn over a long period.

Leave Your Lawn Maintenance to the Professionals
Taking care of your lawn during winter is important. If yard maintenance has been on your mind now that the weather is getting cooler, now's the time to act and follow at least these simple yard care tips.

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