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5 Winter Landscaping Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Posted Sep 15th, 2021 in Lawn Care

5 Winter Landscaping Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

With winter just around the corner, you're going to have to find new ways to make your yard look beautiful.

Believe it or not, winter landscaping can actually be really fun and fulfilling. There are endless possibilities for sprucing up your lawn with plants, colours, furniture, walkways, and ornaments, so you can make your yard a year-round focal point.

In this post, we're simply going to give you a few of our favorite winter landscaping ideas to give you inspiration for your yard. Read on and you'll be ready to make big and bold changes this winter.

1. Adding Evergreens

It's no surprise that evergreen trees look amazing in the winter months with the cold snow falling all around them. Needled evergreens, like spruce and fir trees, can give your yard year-round texture. If you don't want to go for large trees, evergreen shrubs can provide a greater sense of form around walkways and other focal points in the yard.

Though most people think of needled plants when they hear the term "evergreen", there are broadleaf evergreens that can create some variety in your yard. Laurels, hollies, and rhododendrons will keep their colour and strength year-round.

2. All-Weather Deck

If you're a true Canadian, then you won't let the chilly air keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Build yourself an all-weather deck with non-slip decking, lots of wood seating, circled around a fire pit or chiminea to keep you warm on those brisk winter nights.

The reason you'll want non-slip decking is that rain, ice, and algae tend to make normal timber unbearably slippery, which isn't good for elderly guests or children.

3. Bringing Focal Points In

When you look out at the typical Ontarian yard during the wintertime, it's got the look of a yard that doesn't get used. It's flat, drab, and devoid of any excitement or life. If you want to breathe new life into your wintry yard, then consider adding a few focal points to draw the eye.

A sculpture or a prominent tree can work wonders for the overall vibe of your yard. Decorative items, in particular, can create a striking contrast with the white snow and grey sky all through the winter.

4. Outdoor Winter Spa

If you really want to get some use out of your yard this winter, think about an outdoor spa. Nothing feels better than immersing yourself in a bubbling hot tub in sub-zero weather, though it might sound counterintuitive to those that exclusively use their hot tub in the summer months.

We tend to get stiff joints and muscles in the winter, due mostly to the cold weather. Jumping in the hot tub after a long day can feel like complete rejuvenation, and it'll give you another excuse to make use of your yard in the winter.

Make Winter Landscaping Fun

Now that you know some of the different types of winter landscaping you can do, it's time to hire the right company to see it through. At Scott's Landscaping, we've been serving the greater Hamilton area for 25 years, so you can trust us for all of your landscaping needs, all year-round.

Visit our site to learn more about us and what we do, then when you're ready to start talking about your winter landscaping, contact us.

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