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6 Benefits of Hiring Landscape Designers for Homeowners

Posted Aug 4th, 2021 in Lawn Care

6 Benefits of Hiring Landscape Designers for Homeowners

You want to update your yard design. Currently, all you have is some overgrown plants, discoloured grass, and maybe an uneven treeline in the back.

You might assume that you can clean up your landscape all on your own. While you may think you have the skills to turn your junkyard into a garden oasis, think again.

Even if all your garden needs is a little cleanup and redesign, hiring landscape designers can really help. They’ll do the planning and the dirty work, and you can sit back and watch your yard transform.

Learn more about how landscape architects can help you plan your dream backyard right here.

1. Increase Value of Your Home

Making your outdoor space more livable can significantly increase the value of your home.

Studies show that outdoor amenities like pools, fireplaces, and seating options make a home more appealing. This increased value can continue to affect the home's value for years to come.

Professional landscape designers help decide where patios and pools should go to make your yard the most attractive entertaining space on the block.

2. Landscapes as Cohesive Systems

When a landscaper assesses your yard, they can map out what areas are dryer and which are more susceptible to flooding and other complications. This information assists them in designing your garden.

Designing landscaping projects requires knowledge of different types of plants and how they work together. In order for all the plants to survive, they need to support each other in one way or another.

This is why a landscape designer is critical to a backyard renovation.

3. Native Plants

Once you trust your designer’s ideas for landscaping, how do you know if you’ll be able to continue to care for the plants they’ve planted in your yard?

Luckily, your landscape architect will let you know what kind of care each type of plant needs. And, they can focus on only including low-maintenance and native plants, which are a huge trend in landscaping designs.

That’s just another benefit of having a garden that is created with symbiosis in mind.

4. Drip Irrigation System

The best way to water plants is to soak the roots. With a professionally designed drip irrigation system, landscapers can help you help your plants thrive.

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you could incorporate a practically self-watering system into your garden on your own.

5. Lower Energy Bills

With their knowledge of how trees grow, and the slopes and angles of your yard and house, landscape designers can help you lower your energy bill.

It may be surprising, but the perfectly placed tree can indeed support lower heating and cooling costs.

6. Collaborates With You

Throughout the whole landscape design process, your designer will work with you. They will keep you updated on any necessary changes and offer you tips for regular landscape maintenance.

They will even support you in planning your budget for landscaping projects.

Hiring Landscape Designers

If you’re ready to have a beautiful yard to retreat to, it’s time to get planning. Hiring landscape designers can make sure the job gets done right and your vision comes to life.

To learn more about how landscape designers can support you through the design process, head to our page.

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