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5 Creative Driveway Ideas to Consider This Year

Posted May 26th, 2021 in Lawn Care

5 Creative Driveway Ideas to Consider This Year

Are you looking for ideas to spiff up your driveway? Maybe you're looking to install a brand new entryway or want to fix your existing one. In any case, you have so many great driveway ideas to choose from!

Not everyone has a driveway, but if you do, it's a great opportunity to show off your landscape design prowess and good taste. And it's not necessary to repave your entire drive, either. Small changes can be enough to transform it into something new.

Driveways are sometimes expensive to install. So not everyone wants to do a complete driveway replacement. This is why some of the best driveway renewal ideas incorporate small elements and subtle changes.

Here's a look at some of the most creative ideas for renewing your driveway this year.

1. Tar-and-Chip

Tar-and-chip is one of the most visually versatile driveway treatments. To make a tar-and-chip driveway, technicians spread a layer of tar on the driveway area. Then they layer small gravel or other materials over the tar and allow it to set.

Creative landscapers can add various materials over the tar, like crushed shells and stones of different colors. It's possible to make interesting patterns without changing the overall texture of the driveway.

2. Edged Blacktop

Many people think of blacktop when they hear about driveway installation. Besides concrete, it's a common material used to make driveways all over the country. If you want to beautify your blacktop driveway, a simple solution is to add a border. Most landscapers prefer to use paver stones or patterned bricks.

3. Fieldstones on Grass

If you want a visually dramatic driveway design, pavers will be a great help. You can place them in the grass and let the grass grow up through the spaces like a green frame. This creates a soft but brilliant-green garden introduction to your property.

4. Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is another one of the best versatile and cost-effective driveway entrance ideas. To install a stamped concrete driveway, technicians shape it with forms and molds.

It's possible to make patterns in cobblestone, color blocks, swirls, and more. Designers find endless possibilities for shapes and color patterns, which makes stamped concrete a universal favorite.

5. Glow-In-the-Dark

Glow-in-the-dark elements are one of the most powerful ways to turn your old entrance into an entirely new driveway. You can use pebbles or painted rocks to highlight areas in different colors.

During the day, glow-in-the-dark rocks revert to a different color. So consider how they will look at all times of the day before you purchase them.

Transform Your Home With These Amazing Driveway Ideas

As a home landscaper, you can use a myriad of driveway ideas to freshen up your outdoor space. From edging your blacktop driveway to adding glow-in-the-dark pebbles, you can make your new driveway look amazing.

To find out more about spiffing up your driveway and other landscaping, give us a call. We've been helping local gardeners beautify their outdoor spaces for over twenty-five years. We provide all customers with a hand-drawn sketch and find ways to integrate your new features with existing ones.

We need to chat and find out what you'd like to do and how we can help. So contact us today!

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