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The Best 2021 Landscape Design Trends

Posted Apr 21st, 2021

The Best 2021 Landscape Design Trends

Even if the lockdown orders lift soon, there's no doubt that Covid won't be a distant memory anytime soon.

That's one of the reasons more people are choosing to revitalize their gardens and outdoor spaces while they are sheltering at home.

Read on for the top landscape design trends in 2021 that you may want to add to your home.

Outdoor Living Areas

One of the biggest landscape design trends coming this year is a focus on outdoor living areas.

This trend has been growing in popularity for years, but with COVID limiting what we can do and where we can go, more and more people are curating backyard spaces where they can spend time.

Warm and inviting outdoor spaces can include pergolas, water features, kitchens, comfy seating and patio heaters or fire features.

Increase Use of Native Plants

More and more people are opting for native plants in their gardens.

The great thing about native plants is that they make taking care of your garden much easier. These plants know the conditions of your area, they can handle it and are often hardier than imported species.

Whether you get a lot of rain, wind, sun, or drought, native species can deal.

Plus, these plants often fare better than non-natives with extreme weather thanks to climate change.

Focus on Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

Another hot 2021 landscape design idea is to focus on taking care of our planet.

There are lots of options when it comes to helping our globe. Organic gardening is popular.

Another option is to plant pollinator-friendly plants and flowers. The bees and butterflies will thank you, and in return, they will pollinate our crops so we can have good food to eat.

In fact, 1 bite out of 3 you put in your mouth is available because of pollinators.

People are also being more conscious of the materials they use for their gardens. Avoiding pesticides, insecticides and choosing recycled, renewable resources for hardscapes and furniture is becoming more common.


It makes sense with more and more people spending time outdoors that privacy is a trending theme in outdoor spaces.

Whether you want to do yoga and meditation in your yard, relax in a hammock or enjoy a dip in the hot tub, people are eager for seclusion.

So how do you go about making closed-off spaces? There are many options you can discuss with a landscape designer.

Ideas include creating a living wall of tall plants or bushes. Decorating the space with lush plants and incorporating a water feature.

The colour scheme for this little corner should be neutral and calm to promote deep relaxation.

Enjoy the Top Landscape Design Trends in Your Yard

Thanks for reading! We hope these landscape design trends have given you a bunch of ideas for how you can enhance your outdoor space this year.

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