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2021 Landscaping Price Guide: How Much Does Your Dream Yard Cost?

Posted Mar 31st, 2021 in Landscaping Ideas

2021 Landscaping Price Guide: How Much Does Your Dream Yard Cost?

Outdoor spaces have become increasingly more valuable with the onset of stay at home orders caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are ready to start planning your dream yard for the upcoming warmer months you need a landscaping price guide.

That way you can determine if the plans in your head match the money in your bank account. This handy guide will tell you the average price of many landscaping jobs.

Functional Features for Your Dream Yard

One of the first steps in designing your dream yard is deciding what functional features your ideal outdoor space will have. Patios are one of the defining features of any successful outdoor area.

You can expect to pay between $5-$50 per square foot when constructing a patio depending on the materials you use and the cost of labour. For the average-sized patio, this will run you between $2000 and $5000.

Retaining walls are another great way to spice up your outdoor environment. Retaining walls beautify your property but also serve a function in helping secure soil after landscaping changes.

Retaining walls cost between $25-$50 per square foot with an average cost of just below $6,000.

Walkways and driveways are another great way to increase the functionality of your outdoor space. Well-built driveways and walkways are aesthetically pleasing and also increase the total safety of your outdoor space.

Driveways cost between $2-$15 per square foot with a national average of around $5,000 for a driveway installation. Walkways are a bit more expensive with a cost between $6-$12 per square foot with a total installation fee averaging around $2,000.

Additional Features Landscaping Price Guide

Water features add new depth to your outdoor space. Ponds, hot-tubs, waterfalls, fountains, and pools all accentuate your yard's beauty and functionality.

The average price for an in-ground pool installation is between $28,000 to $58,000 depending on the size, depth, and ornate characteristics.

The price of a hot-tub with installation varies between $650 to $11,000 depending on if it is above ground or in-ground, the materials it is made of, and the model.

Fire features such as a fire-pit or fire table are great for entertaining guests on those long winter nights. The average range of price for an installation of a fire feature is between $300 to $1500.

Yard Maintenance

Another important part of building your dream yard is a regular lawn maintenance routine. Tree maintenance is part of this category.

Depending on the size, species, and amount of trees on your property you can expect to pay $350 on average for tree trimming and pruning jobs. Things get a bit more expensive when you talk about tree removal.

The base-price of the simplest of tree removal jobs will run you about $200 per tree and it only goes up from there. The most expensive and complex jobs can cost you thousands of dollars.

Basic lawn care implies mowing and edging. This will cost you between $25 to $50 on average per visit. It can be more depending on the size of your lawn.

For all of the additional frills such as pest control, fertilization, product application, debris removal, and re-seeding the price is much higher. For a fully maintained lawn care servicing the price can climb into the hundreds of dollars range.

Lawn fertilization costs between 10 cents and 50 cents per square foot on average. Lawn aeration services are a bit cheaper and will run you between 10 to 25 cents per square foot on average.

During the winter months, snow removal is the most common outdoor service offered by landscaping companies. Every company will give you a different quote based on the size of your outdoor property and the amount of snow to be removed.

Expect to pay a minimum of $100 per visit for your driveway and walkways. Some companies may offer a discount for signing up for a season's worth of snow removal in advance.

Build the Yard of Your Dreams

Those balmy summer months are around the corner. Researching with a solid landscaping price guide is a good first step to building your dream yard.

The next step is action. Contact us today for a free estimate and get ahead of the curve before the rush of the spring months books us up solid.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, would like to discuss your potential project, or desire an estimate. Start now to plan for the 2024 Spring Season!


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