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Landscaping and Pest Control: How Yard Design Stops Infestations

Posted Mar 3rd, 2021

Landscaping and Pest Control: How Yard Design Stops Infestations

It's no secret that pest infestations are an annoying and expensive headache for homeowners. The good thing is that you can help prevent future infestations with a strategic landscaping design. That's right, you can incorporate pest control in your home's exterior decorations!

Taking these preventative steps is essential for responsible homeowners in Canada. This might be particularly true based on where you live, too. (Vancouver, for instance, made the news for its recent bed bugs problem.)

Don't let unwelcome critters make a costly mess in your home. Keep reading to see how proper landscaping design can help deter potential pests.

Avoid Stagnant Water and a Lot of Mulch

The first thing to consider is what kind of environment most common pests enjoy. If you surround your home's exterior with natural mulch, pests like termites, roaches, or ants could thrive there.

Instead, use various sizes of rocks or even rubber mulch (which is eco-friendly) to border your home. These designs can still be appealing without attracting too many unwanted species of bugs.

Stagnant water anywhere in your yard also could be a great host for pests. Add well-placed fountains or streams to keep any water on the property flowing in a way that disrupts the life of common insects.

Certain Plants Can Even Repel Plants

If you have any sort of a green thumb, be smart about the plants you choose for your home. Certain species (such as lavender, rosemary, geraniums, or marigolds) can repel pesky insects.

Planting these around your home can be more sensible than other kinds that might be delicious to pets! After all, pests destroy around twenty to forty percent of the world's crop production each year.

Instead of letting them get used to the comforts of your property, use smart landscaping practices to repel them! Remember, though, plant life and other landscaping features need consistent care and maintenance over time.

Continue Maintaining and Pruning the Yard

In fact, proper yard maintenance might be the best way to keep pests away. Trim overgrown trees or bushes as soon as you spot them. Doing so will ensure pesky critters don't get settled there and start reproducing too easily.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that comes with landscaping design, don't worry. That's why professional landscaping services exist in the first place. Leave it to the experts to design a landscape that's both stylish and secure from potential pest threats.

Invest in Strategic Pest Control Through Landscaping Design

To protect your family and assets, you recognize the value of a strategic landscaping design for your home. That's why you'll take the above landscaping and pest control tips to heart.

To get your pest control landscaping design done right, we encourage you to reach out to our team of landscaping experts today. We work with families like yours to design a home's exterior with both function and style.

For that reason, take the time to browse through our blog article archives. We work to curate the industry's top tips so you can continue to protect and improve your home. First, learn more details about landscaping services available to you and your family now.

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