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Sensational Landscape Design Ideas for your Home

Posted Feb 10th, 2021 in Landscaping Ideas, Landscaping Services, Backyard Inspiration

Sensational Landscape Design Ideas for your Home

Curious about taking your home's landscaping up a notch? A gorgeous, green, lively landscape not only looks great: it can also add up to a 14% increase to your home's resale value.

Even if you're not looking to sell, landscaping will still add significant value to your pride and satisfaction towards your home. After all, there's hardly anything more pleasing than pulling up to a vibrant, well-cared-for yard.

Looking for some inspiration for your next landscaping project? Read on to learn 7 sensational landscape design ideas that are sure to beautify your home.

1. Winding, Paved Paths

Adding a paved path to your landscape design ideas can bring function and visual interest to your yard. You don't have to go with a simple look, either. For dramatic effect, you can have your landscape design team create a winding, natural path throughout your property.

2. Floral Landscape Design Ideas

During the warmer months, take advantage of the extra sunlight by planting lots of colourful flowers around your property.

Try picking out a selection of flowers in coordinating colours and planting them in beds around your home's landscaping. Keep it simple and space your flowers evenly for a visually pleasing design.

You can also add planters of flowers wherever you'd like to accent your yard. For example, you can place them on either side of your front porch or at the end of your driveway.

3. Planting More Trees

It's no secret that trees provide cleaner air for you and your family. As an added bonus, they also look beautiful and can add lots of shade and colour to your landscaping as well.

A well-placed tree or shrub can even reduce your home's heating and cooling expenses. Adding trees is one of the most functional landscape design ideas you can incorporate.

4. Well-Defined Garden Borders

Adding borders, such as landscaping rocks, can define your garden and make your flowers pop. Plus, it can help protect your garden and keep it separate from the rest of your yard. Try planting small, kidney-shaped flower beds throughout your landscaping and surrounding them with the rocks.

5. Add Water

Water adds peacefulness and tranquillity to your landscape design ideas. Try accenting your property with small fountains, or even adding a small in-ground pond.

6. Natural Stone Steps

Steps are a great thing to include in your landscape ideas because they bring function and visual interest to your property. Add some stone steps to a hill to create a cascading stairwell. Or, if you are on a flat lot, some well-placed stepping stones can look especially beautiful.

7. Climbing Vines

Climbings vines are a truly charming element to bring to your landscape design ideas. Try planting them around the side of your home or by garden accents. You could also add an archway to your garden area and plant the vines around it.

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