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7 Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Posted Dec 16th, 2020 in Landscaping Ideas, Landscaping Services

7 Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

In Canada, over 50% of dwellings are single-family homes.

If you have a house and a yard, it is natural to want a fence. Fences add a lot to a lawn, from privacy to beauty. To make your home look the best, there are some fence installation mistakes you will want to avoid.

Fence Installation Mistakes

For all of their beauty, fences for backyards have to put up with a lot. They are exposed to the hot sun during summer and the coldest wind during winter. Avoiding fence installation mistakes can save you a costly repair later and make your landscape look beautiful.

1. Avoid Low-Quality Fencing

Cheap materials are often not of high quality. When you are preparing to build a fence, you want the materials you are using to be durable and robust. There are many different styles for fences, so your options are near limitless.

2. Make Sure the Fence Is Anchored

One of the biggest mistakes that can haunt you later is not getting your fence posts deep enough. This can make the fence more susceptible to damage and even falling down. Fence post lengths are an important consideration.

3. Not Using Enough Space

This is one of the most important concepts when you are using wood. Wood will warp if you don’t get enough space between the boards of your fence. Wood contracts and expands according to weather and climate, so keep that in mind.

4. Not Sealing the Fence

It is important that you treat your fence. If you leave wood untreated, it can begin to rot. This often starts close to the ground where the wood needs to be sealed.

5. Uncapped Posts

If you’re using a metal fence, make sure the posts are capped. If you don’t cap these posts, they can pose a real danger. Not only could they easily cut you, but they could also become rusted and corrode.

6. Connecting a New and Old Fence

It is not always advisable to connect an older fence with a newer one. Contamination and corrosions can all be problems with dealing with an older fence.

7. Poor Planning of the Length

It is important that before you begin such a project that you avoid the biggest of fence installation mistakes. Make sure that you have enough material to make the fence as long as it needs to be and that you don’t end up with a crooked fence.

Fences and Your Landscape

Given the challenges of putting in a fence yourself and the fence installation tools you will need, many people hire professionals. Make sure you have a healthy fence installation budget, and a lot of the problems are manageable.

There are many styles of fences to choose from, so make sure that you are getting the right fence for your yard. If you need help with fences, retaining walls, or other landscaping construction, Scott’s Landscaping is here to help.

Let us design and build a landscape for you. We want you to have the best lawn possible, and we have the knowledge and tools to help you avoid fence installation mistakes.

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