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Killing Grass and Ruining Your Lawn: 4 Bad Habits to Kick

Posted Nov 25th, 2020 in Lawn Care

Killing Grass and Ruining Your Lawn: 4 Bad Habits to Kick

Everybody wants an immaculate green lawn, but you have to be willing to do the work.

Killing grass can wreck anyone's lawn. It's something that we're all guilty of, especially those of us who don't have a green thumb.

There are some common mistakes that are likely doing your lawn more damage than good.

These expert tips will help you avoid the mistakes that are ruining your lawn.

1. Avoid Spilling Chemicals on Your Lawn

Chemicals have their place in a lot of applications, but your grass is not one of those places. Spilling chemicals from your lawn equipment will create dead grass areas all over.

This is why sustainable landscaping is best for the long-term. Fill your lawnmower up on concrete rather than in the grass.

It's also important to avoid doing any kind of repair or maintenance work in the grass.

2. Don't Use Too Much Water or Fertilizer

Your lawn is always better when it's well-watered and fertilized. However, too much of a good thing will cause problems.

If you're running your sprinklers for too long you'll soak up the grass to the point of killing it.

A lawn that has poor drainage will also be problematic. The water will collect and kill your grass before too long.

Too much fertilizer will do much of the same. Fertilizer burn happens when the salt and nitrogen content are too high and do damage to your lawn.

3. Fix Your Bad Mowing Methods and Habits

If you mow your lawn properly your grass will be better kept. Improperly mowing your grass will damage your lawn and prevent growth.

Cutting it too short will dry out your soil and starve your grass of nutrients.

Letting your grass grow too long will encourage the growth of weeds in your lawn, which will eat up nutrients that your grass will need.

Don't cut your grass after it rains because it'll create remnants of damp clumps, which will damage your lawn.

4. Don't Put Off Pest Control Issues Too Long

There are several pests that eat up your lawn to the point of destroying it. A little pest problem is never little because it will eventually grow and spread.

Get aggressive with your pest control issues so that you can stop it and save your lawn. Entire lawns have been destroyed due to the owners being too casual about getting the pest control help that they needed.

Handle These Issues That Are Killing Grass in Your Lawn

Killing grass by accident is something that every lawn owner has gone through. It's important that you fix these problems so that you don't end up with dead spots and other problems.

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