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Coffee Grounds for Grass? Yes, Spread Them on Your Lawn!

Posted Aug 25th, 2020 in Lawn Care

Coffee Grounds for Grass? Yes, Spread Them on Your Lawn!

Are you one of the two-thirds of Canadians who enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day?

If so, then you might be unwittingly sitting on a gold mine of healthy, sustainable nutrients for your lawn. Yep, we're talking about coffee grounds.

Before you toss out your coffee grounds tomorrow morning, you might want to consider saving those coffee grounds and spread them over your grass.

Why would you use coffee grounds for grass, and how do you get the best results? Read on to learn more about this easy, environmentally-friendly trick.

Why Use Coffee Grounds for Grass?

You may enjoy coffee because it gives you a little jolt of caffeine energy in the morning. But your lawn will love coffee grounds for an entirely different reason.

Coffee grounds are full of healthy nutrients: phosphorus, nitrogen, and other minerals found in coffee beans. Similarly to how a compost pile can turn into rich soil for gardening, coffee grounds contain natural components that will help keep your lawn lush and beautiful.

Experienced gardeners will know that earthworms are a good sign of healthy, fruitful soil. That's because worms help aerate the soil and encourage plant growth—and fortunately, worms enjoy coffee grounds.

Spreading coffee grounds on your lawn is similar to using fertilizer in your garden. But unlike fertilizer, it won't cost you a dime if you're a coffee drinker!

How to Get the Best Results

Now you know that you should use coffee grounds for grass that is lush and healthy—but how exactly are you supposed to collect and apply the grounds?

If you're a daily coffee drinker, collecting the grounds will be easy. Otherwise, check with your nearby coffee shops—both large coffee chains and independent cafes are often happy to provide their coffee grounds free of charge.

Simply tossing the coffee grounds on your lawn will do the trick—just be sure to rake it and spread it around your yard.

But if you want to be a bit more meticulous and see the best possible results, you should punch holes in an old bucket and use it as a dispersing system, so that the grounds get more evenly spread around the lawn.

Repeating this simple routine about once a month should help keep your lawn naturally fertilized. Just make sure you continue other regular maintenance of your lawn.

Buzzing for Beautiful Gardens

When you had your cup (or pot) of coffee this morning, chances are you didn't realize that using coffee grounds for grass could produce a more fertile lawn. But now that you know, we hope you feel inspired to incorporate this easy yard maintenance trick into your regular lawn care routine.

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