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Top 5 Low-Maintenance Plants to Grow in Your Yard This Summer

Posted Jul 21st, 2020 in Landscaping Ideas

Top 5 Low-Maintenance Plants to Grow in Your Yard This Summer

Do you find yourself jealous of neighbors' beautiful backyards, front yards, and garden areas? Are you green with envy over your friend's green thumb?

If you've got the urge to plant a beautiful garden, you aren't alone—in fact, surveys show that gardening has grown increasingly popular in recent years.

Fortunately, you don't have to devote all your free time to gardening to have a colorful, interesting yard. Rather, you just need to pick the right plants to grow—plants that thrive easily and require little maintenance.

Here's a closer look at five of the easiest plants to grow.

1. Geraniums

If you picture a colorful and classic flower, there's a good chance you're seeing a geranium in your mind's eye.

In addition to adding a pop of color to your yard, geraniums also thrive in the heat of summer and don't require a lot of watering or tending to.

As a bonus, geraniums symbolize friendship, so they make a lovely gift as well.

2. Hostas: Beautiful Green Plants to Grow

Who says green plants have to be boring? Hostas have a striking light-and-dark green pattern that will help your yard stand out this summer.

Hostas are perennials, meaning you won't have to replant them each year. Depending on the variety you select, they will likely enjoy partial sun.

And as long as your garden isn't prone to deer or slugs, you shouldn't have to worry about any trouble with your hostas this summer.

3. Coralbells

Want to attract hummingbirds to your garden this summer? If so, coralbells are an excellent choice for plants to grow in your yard.

This plant is evergreen and produces delicate, colorful flowers when in season. And it can do well in both sun and shade, meaning you don't have to fuss over the placement.

4. Coneflower

One of the worst issues to plague novice gardeners is having inadequate soil. Fortunately, some plants can actually do quite well in poor soil—including coneflowers, a purple flower that attracts bees for pollination.

All you have to do is give your coneflowers a quick trim at the end of summer, and they'll basically take care of themselves the rest of the time!

5. Creeping Thyme

If you love to cook as much as you love to garden, then you may as well plant some herbs that you can enjoy both in your yard and in your kitchen.

Creeping thyme is an excellent choice for this dual purpose. It's a perennial, can hold up well in a drought, and will attract butterflies to your yard. And it's delicious in sweet and savory dishes!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening is one of life's simple joys, but it becomes a lot more fun when you pick plants that are guaranteed to succeed in your yard. We hope this list of easy plants to grow will inspire you to start a beautiful summer garden of your own.

If you need more tips or want assistance from the gardening experts, feel free to get in touch with our team anytime. We're here to help you achieve your dream garden!

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