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5 Best Landscaping Features for Homeowners on a Budget

Posted Jul 14th, 2020 in Landscaping Ideas

5 Best Landscaping Features for Homeowners on a Budget

Do you ever look through home improvement magazines and wish you could afford the landscapes you see? Maybe you can if you change your ideas about landscaping!

Simply choose affordable landscaping features! How can you landscape on a budget?

Read on to learn how to add affordable features that look luxurious!

5 Affordable Landscaping Features

You do not need to spend a ton of money on landscaping for your yard to look nice. Find out more about landscaping for homeowners on a budget!

1. Crushed Stone

Rather than using garden fillers such as mulch, choose crushed stone or garden rocks to cover the space. This material provides a lower upfront cost.

You will also find less need for weeding and maintenance, lowering your long-term costs as well. Easily make the design your own by using two tones and creating lines, blocs, or swirl patterns.

Save money another way by using crushed stones as an alternative to concrete pathways! With an innovative design pattern, you can make an inexpensive job look lux!

2. Stepping Stones

Some people choose to steer away from crushed stone pathways to avoid loose rocks from straying into the lawn. Rather than incurring the cost of a concrete job, get creative with stepping stones!

A stepping stone pathway still creates a clear place to walk, but it allows for the natural ground to show around each rock. It will give your yard more of a whimsical feel!

3. Minimalistic Fencing

Minimalistic is modern for fencing and one of the cheaper landscaping ideas! Choose a look that looks chic in your yard!

Start minimizing your fenced-in area, rather than creating a barrier around the entire yard. If you want privacy, choose the best angle to put up a single wall. If you need full fencing, then only surround the perimeter of the space that needs coverage, like your garden or patio.

Also, skip the tall, tightly bound fences when possible. Choose a trellis and grow ivy for coverage or simple wooden fences that look posh.

4. Old Tires

Give your yard a new look with old tires! Paint them and find creative uses that give your yard character.

Stack them to create raised flower beds. Or, paint and position them to create unique garden art. The fact that this makes your yard more sustainable on top of creativity only adds to the appeal of it all!

5. Inexpensive Lighting

You do not need to install expensive ground lights with these practical features for landscapes. Instead, find creative ways to incorporate string lights into your landscape.

They will not cost much, and twinkle lights will offer a spark of romance to the situation. You can also opt for some tiki torches to vamp up your nighttime landscaping!

Lux Up Your Landscape for Less

Adding landscaping features to your home will give it a well-kempt and posh look. But, you do not need to go crazy with ideas you cannot afford. Incorporating simple touches to your lawn design can give it a unique look that impresses your neighbours!

We want to level up your landscaping without breaking your bank. Contact us today for an estimate!

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