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5 Reasons To Add A Herb Spiral To Your Garden

Posted Oct 15th, 2019

5 Reasons To Add A Herb Spiral To Your Garden

One of the perks of tending to a garden is having fresh, delicious produce on hand at all times.

In the past, we've talked about building an edible landscape on your property, including a few must-have selections for your yard. But we neglected to mention any fresh herbs.

Which is why today we'll be looking at one of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways to raise fresh herbs in your yard: by building a herb spiral.

Why You Should Add a Herb Spiral to Your Garden

A herb spiral is just a type of raised garden bed that allows you to plant both vertically and horizontally to make maximum use of a piece of land.

Fresh herbs are an essential addition to any home garden. Whether sprinkled fresh, used to make infused oils, or worked into a sauce or marinade, they'll liven up every mealtime. They're among the quickest and easiest plants to grow.

Some benefits of using herbs spirals include:

1. They're Easy to Build

The first thing to consider before starting any project is the investment of time, energy, and resources needed. Fortunately, building a herb spiral requires a minimal commitment of all three.

The exact layout and what material you use may vary depending on the size of your spiral and the design you want to achieve. But even the most ambitious designs should be easy to complete over a single day. Most basic tutorials can be adapted to meet your needs.

2. They Produce Healthier Herbs

Companion planting is one of the best ways to ensure healthy growth in your herbs. Generally, plants with similar sun, water, and soil requirements are best grouped together, and many plants will cooperate to attract pollinators or ward off pests.

A herb spiral is a great tool to help organize your plants according to their ability to promote each others' growth.

3. They're Ideal for Urban Gardeners

Gardening in an area with little-to-no open earth means getting creative. As herb spirals are a type of raised bed, you can build them on top of hard surfaces like cement or brick. Whether on a rooftop or on an open space of cement, you can build a beautiful herb garden on top of it.

4. They Are Easier and More Comfortable to Tend To

Many would-be gardeners are dissuaded by mobility issues that make bending or crouching difficult. But raised gardens like a herb spiral can make the planting beds much easier to access.

You can even plant the levels of your spiral in accordance with how frequently you plan to use the plants. Put your favourite herbs on the higher levels, knowing that you will be reaching for them most often, to minimize the number of times you have to bend over.

5. They Efficiently Regulate Water

Whether you live in a high or low rainfall area, herb spirals will automatically make the most of their situation.

For example, in wet climates, the special design allows consistent drainage to keep roots from drowning or rotting. In dry climates, the moisture retained at the base of the spiral will help keep your garden from drying out.

Garden Smarter, Not Harder

Building a herb spiral can allow you to work around a number of issues that would make conventional gardening difficult or impossible. And even if you enjoy ample land and an amenable climate, they can allow you to make even more efficient use of your resources.

Not to mention, they make a striking and beautiful focal point in any garden. To learn more on how to maximize the aesthetic benefits of a herb spiral, check out our guide on using focal points in your garden landscape.

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