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5 Strikingly Beautiful Ideas For Outdoor Ponds

Posted Sep 24th, 2019

5 Strikingly Beautiful Ideas For Outdoor Ponds

What’s the easiest way to make any backyard pop? Install a pond!

Ponds are both manmade and can be made naturally. Ponds are different from rivers because the water doesn’t move and ponds are different from lakes because they’re shallow.

If you want a pond in your yard, don’t settle for a body of water surrounded by grass and trees.

Pond décor is diverse and fun. You can add unique fish, interesting vegetation, and even surround your décor around your pond for a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

To get the creative juices flowing, here are 5 beautiful ideas for outdoor ponds.

1. Border Your Pond

A little bit of pavement goes a long way! A border will help make your pond look more polished and modern. For best results, opt for big tile pieces or even stone that surrounds the pond’s border.

Use these tiles or stones as a path from the door that leads to your pond.

If your pond is shallow enough, install a few tiles into your pond to create a walkway.

2. Choose Your Fish Wisely

No pond design is complete without the fish! But not all fish will thrive well in a pond.

This is why you should research the species before buying fish. Goldfish and koi are popular options. These species are also beneficial because they prevent algae from forming and they also eat unwanted insects such as mosquitos.

3. Waterfalls and Fountains

Don’t be afraid to go all-out with your pond landscaping design! Waterfalls and foundations add ornamental value and can turn any pond into an exquisite one.

Find a waterfall or fountain that’s small enough to sit inside or on the outskirts of the pond. Popular examples include stone waterfalls and vase fountains. Add a more intense touch of elegance with statues.

4. Make the Space Inviting

Pool parties are so last year! Instead, make your pond the ultimate gathering spot. Anyone will feel relaxed as they look upon your pond and it makes a lovely centrepiece for any social event.

Surround your pond with tables and chairs. Add other social elements to the mix, such as a grill or a firepit.

5. Use Vegetation

Last but not least, use vegetation. Which plants should you choose? Favourites include water lettuce, mosaic plant, and sweet flag.

You also shouldn’t forget the flowers! Flowers that grow well near ponds include the cardinal flower, blue iris, and water lilies.

Enhance Your Décor With Outdoor Ponds

Outdoor ponds add so much to your landscape. They’re beautiful, relaxing, and offer a unique ambience.

When you throw in these extra design elements, you’ll impress your guests and make a traditional pond look extra stunning.

Some of these design features, such as plants and fish, benefit your pond’s health. Use these design ideas for a brilliant pond!

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