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4 Gorgeous and Creative Flower Bed Ideas That'll Make You Call a Professional

Posted Sep 3rd, 2019

4 Gorgeous and Creative Flower Bed Ideas That'll Make You Call a Professional

It's time to make your yard look the way you want it to.

A beautiful flower bed can change the whole vibe of your yard, no matter if it's the front or back.

In the front, it can make your home more inviting to your guests and nicer to come home to at night. When put in the backyard, a flower bed or two will urge you to spend more time outside, enjoying your space.

Sure, you could build a flower bed on your own. But unless you're a master landscaper, you'll be pretty limited in what you can create.

In this post, we're going to give you a few great flower bed ideas that'll have you pining to get the professionals in to give you the yard of your dreams. Let's get started.

Flower Bed Ideas to Spruce Up Your Yard

Being creative with your flower bed plans is a must. Find a great landscaper to make your plans come to fruition and you won't be able to stop staring at your new garden creation.

Here are 4 ideas to inspire you.

1. The Tree Stump or Log Flower Bed

One way to impress the neighbours is to repurpose that dead or dying tree in your yard with a brand new flower bed. Bring life to something unsightly by hollowing out the stump of the tree and filling it with gorgeous flowers of your choosing.

This is a great way to make use of something that might be a nuisance to try and dig out of your yard. You'll get loads of compliments from your visitors on your ingenuity and creativity.

If you don't have a tree stump in your yard, head into the woods to find a log from a fallen tree. This works just as well.

2. Incorporating Other Objects

Incorporating different inanimate objects into a flower bed isn't a completely original thought. There are several examples online that show old cars, bicycles, wheelbarrows, and suitcases with gorgeous flowers spilling out.

You can use your creativity with this one. Go thrifting and choose objects that you don't typically see in a flower bed and use the space in a creative way to inject some truly unique flavour into your yard.

3. Channel Your Inner Exterior Designer

If you've ever seen crop circles before, then you've seen how amazing geometry is when incorporated with plants. You don't have to be an alien visitor to make something beautiful with your flowers (on a smaller scale, of course).

Draw up a few basic designs and a colour/flower-scheme. Nothing too complicated, the simpler the design the better it'll look. Then, have your landscaper execute the design for you and take all the credit. Images like the sun or the moon, a flower, or any interesting looking geometric shape will look great.

4. The Pathway

We all want a large enough garden to weave a pathway through and feel as though we're in a storybook, but not many of us have big enough yards for that to happen. You can salvage this idea by installing large raised flower beds with loads of tall flowers in a maze-like fashion in your backyard.

Of course, you'll need space to pull this idea off. Don't try it in a smaller yard, it'll end up looking too cluttered.

Execute Your Plans

Why wait any longer? Use these great flower bed ideas for inspiration and come up with something truly unique to put some colour in your yard. Once you've come up with the perfect creation, call your local landscaper to help you bring it to life.

At Scott's Landscaping, we offer full-service professional landscaping. You can work alongside our design team and, using 3-D imaging software, create and tweak your flower bed arrangement until it's perfect.

Visit our page to see what services we offer, and while you're there, check out our blog to read more informative posts about landscaping and yard maintenance.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, would like to discuss your potential project, or desire an estimate. Start now to plan for the 2024 Spring Season!


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