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Slope Solutions: 6 Awesome Hillside Landscaping Ideas

Posted Aug 13th, 2019

Slope Solutions: 6 Awesome Hillside Landscaping Ideas

3 out of 4 house owners own a garden or a lawn. 11 percent of Canadians who are above 30 years of age spend about 2 hours a day working on their terrace.

Steep slopes characterize a majority of these gardens in Canada. Depending on how steep a hill is, a homeowner can deal with it in a variety of ways.

Of course, with every talk about hillside landscaping, issues such as erosion and drainage will always pop up. You should always consider them as they play an integral part in the decision that you make.

Here are some landscaping ideas you can implement in your hillside garden.

1. Creating Tiers

Setting up several tiers on a hillside backyard can help deal with the likelihood of erosion. Rows can give your garden a unique design as well as allow you to plant several unique flowers and plants.

You can construct the walls of the tiers using stone pavers, railroad ties, or concrete. They help to give your property a dramatic impact.

2. Building Some Stairs

If your hillside is not sloppy, you can add a set of winding stairs to enhance the look.

You can use either wooden or concrete to construct the step. Either way, the garden feature adds form and functionality to your backyard.

3. Rock Landscaping

You can use natural rocks to create a pathway on your hillside property. All you need to do is make indentations in the area the stones will sit. You can place boulders of different sizes, colour, and texture together.

Leave spaces between the groupings to avoid an all-rock look. You can as well incorporate some medium-sized plants flowers between the spaces.

4. Designing a Waterfall

You can use your sloppy backyard to set up a spectacular water feature. A human-made waterfall will add beauty to your property and bring about a refreshing feel.

You can also create a small pond where the water will be draining.

5. Building a Retaining wall

One way to make a sloppy hillside more functional is by getting rid of a part of the slope and erecting a retaining fence to hold back the soil.

A retaining wall helps you to reclaim a section of your yard by planting grass on level ground. It also helps you to set aside a part you can plant behind and along the wall.

6. Creating a Rock Garden

It can be challenging to grow plants on a hillside due to the rampant effects of poor drainage and soil erosion. You can avoid all these problems altogether by setting rocks of various sizes and shapes on your hillside and creating a garden.

The rocks provide a stable base for you to plant rock-loving plants such as creeping phlox, brass buttons, ornamental grasses, and stonecrop.

A hillside rock garden is beautiful and satisfying to view. It helps you reduce the amount of maintenance work you have to put in the yard.

Is Hillside Landscaping Important?

Landscaping your backyard slopes can help you convert a once barren land to a thing of beauty. By adding greenery, flower beds, and water features, you can create an outdoor retreat space on your property.

However, it is always good to first consult a landscape architect to prevent any erosion problems from arising. Contact us today to get more information on hillside landscaping.

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