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Summer is Around the Corner: How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Posted May 14th, 2019

Summer is Around the Corner: How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

Summer's right around the corner. And if you're one of the 66% of people who own a home, you've got a little work to do!

It's spring cleaning time. And along with spring cleaning, it's time to prepare your lawn for summer.

Looking for help? Read our lawn care guide and learn the best steps for summer lawn preparation.

Spring Cleaning

With the wet winter weather, you've opted to stay inside, and we don't blame you! But you winterized your lawn, and now it's time to get out and make it summer ready.

First, rake up all the stray leaves and twigs.

Remove any debris that's settled on your lawn during the winter. A blower works fine for this too. You don't want any debris sticking in your lawn mower.

Speaking of lawn mowers...

Read, Set, Mow

It's time to get yours out and dust it off. During the spring, mowing once a week is sufficient. Try to up your game to twice a week once summer hits.

Regular mowing keeps things tidy and scares off pests. It's easier to mow the lawn twice a week than to spend hours cleaning things up when it gets out of hand.

Also, mowing the lawn more often produces a thicker, fuller lawn. If twice a week is too hard, mow every five days.

Watch Out Weeds

During wet winter conditions, moss often grows. If you've got lots of moss on your lawn, try vigorous raking, also called scarification.

There are also chemical treatments available for removing moss. But unless your lawn is in deep shade, moss shouldn't be a problem.

Spring is also the time for weed killer and pre-emergent. A fertilizer-pre-emergent combination feeds the grass and prevents crabgrass.

Once crabgrass takes hold, it's a season-long battle. Get it early to avoid problems. About two months after using the fertilizer and pre-emergent, apply it again. Add a broadleaf weed killer.

It's possible to find pre-emergent with weed killer in one product. This makes it easier and more cost-effective.

Never apply pesticides or weed killer when rain is imminent.

Overseed Gaps

During the winter, some lawns get patchy and sparse in places. Removing moss often leads to patchy spots as well.

Fill in gaps by overseeding.

Break up the bare soil with a rake for an even surface. Then sow weeds into the raked area. Rake again to instill the seeds into the soil.

If it's dry for more than three days after sowing the seeds, gently sprinkle water around the lawn and seeded areas.

You'll see new growth in about 10 days.

Responsible Water Use

Don't overwater your lawn. And don't water until you see runoff. Water in the early morning. This reduces evaporation and unnecessary water loss.

Avoid watering sidewalks and streets. Make sure your sprinklers are in the proper position.

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Summer

Getting your lawn ready for summer takes a little time. But it's well worth it! Follow these steps for a lush, beautiful lawn.

Clean and rake the lawn. Clear the weeds and moss and apply fertilizer and pre-emergent. Overseed the gaps.

And don't forget to mow twice a week and water responsibly.

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