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The Top Landscape Maintenance Tips

Posted May 7th, 2019

The Top Landscape Maintenance Tips

After the cold months of winter, the temperature starts rising. At this moment, you start thinking about lawn care. Like most Canadians, having an attractive lawn adds curb appeal. Also, it adds aesthetic value to your home.

Problem is, most homeowners have busy schedules. Taking children to school, going to work, housekeeping, and running a home business. As such, they don’t have the time to fiddle with turfgrass and plants.

If you are a DIYerselfer and would like to hold parties and barbecues on weekends, you need landscape maintenance tips. That means weed control, fertilizing, aerating and seeding among others.

Where to start? The following are top landscape maintenance tips.

1. Inspect Your Lawn

Early spring brings pleasant weather. Now, you will notice that your children want to play outdoors. To enhance their experience, you need to ensure that the turfgrass is good not only for sitting but playing.

The first step of lawn inspection is to check the turfgrass, the soil and then the irrigation system. You should also check the pH of the soil, and check for unhealthy areas on your lawn.

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2. Early Spring Deep Raking

Using a sturdy leaf rake, start removing dead leaves on your lawn. Raking allows you to control thatch. This refers to a layer of dead grass that also includes shoots, roots, and leaves. It builds on the soil surface close to the base of the lawn grass.

Deep raking removes the excess thatch that includes grass blades. It also allows you to survey your lawn. Are there areas on your lawn where the grass is matted. Well, this is brought about by snow mould, a fungus that kills turf grass once the snow melts.

3. Aerate the Soil

When soil compacts, there is a reduction in air pockets. This prevents water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf grass. To ensure your turf grass grows healthy, aerate your soil.

Early spring is one of the perfect moments to aerate your soil. As such, you give new shoots a chance to receive water and nutrients all year long. Not only that, you enhance water uptake and improved fertilizer uptake.

Fall is another season for aerating cool season turf. To aerate your soil, remove plugs of thatch.

4. Overseeding

Overseeding is another landscape maintenance tip that helps you achieve a lush lawn. As your lawn ages, the rate of grass reproduction lowers. This leaves unhealthy patches on your lawn. These patches make it easier for weed to thrive.

To improve grass reproduction, overseed your lawn. Here is how to go about it. Spread grass seed after the last snow has disappeared. If you do it following garden maintenance recommendations, new grass will grow.

This will cover the unhealthy patches leaving your lawn looking lush and beautiful.

5. Fertilizing and Watering

Applying fertilizer in early spring gives your lawn the much-needed nutrients. Start with slow-release lawn fertilizers. If you prefer the organic route, then it is recommended. Remember, too much of the fertilizer will cause a flush of growth.

Turfgrass needs 1 inch of water every week. To water your turf grass, leave the sprinkler on for 20 minutes.

Landscape Maintenance like a Pro

There is more you need to do if you want to have a lush green lawn. Start with weed control, edging, mowing, and top seeding. These landscape maintenance tips will ensure your lawn has a good root system.

Are you in search of a lawn care professional? Feel free to schedule an appointment and let us cultivate a healthy and beautiful lawn for you.

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